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By ys15

Yousician update - version 3.12
Hi Yousicians,

New songs keep coming to Yousician!

Please note that territory limitations apply. If you can’t find your favorite song in Yousician, make sure to request it on our Song Requests Forum.

To provide our users with the best learning experience, we are focused on giving you high quality content. Piano users will have noticed changes to Missions up to level 3, which now include new content for you to play. The incomplete missions above level 9 have been removed as they did not meet our educational standards.

Fear not, if you have songs you’ve enjoyed playing from the changed missions, you can still find them with the song search feature.

Our plan is to continue improving the syllabi with higher quality content and educational enhancements, so you will see changes in the future as well. We understand that it can be frustrating and confusing when things change all of a sudden. We sincerely hope you like the new missions and share your thoughts about them with us.

This update brings changes to the top bar and you will notice your username is no longer visible next to your level. You will still find your account information from the Profile tab as usual.

The update is now available for PC and Mac and will be released for Android and iOS in a few days. We hope you will enjoy the new improvements.
By jillhayward
Hi. Having difficulty accessing “guided lesson” . Message comes up “what skills would you like to practice today” with a blank screen, so no option of choosing .
This happened after I upgraded.
By stuartms
Another week passes and still no new music for bass here in the UK. According to your updates some users got some ZZ Top this week, and they have had some AC/DC too. The last update we had was a re-hash of some Jimi Hedrix. Now what is going on, songs are been removed, and no new ones added. Is it the greedy men in Grey suits chasing more money in the UK. I have a prem + account and all i get are the weekly challenges, well no disrespect, that is not what i pay for. When will we see more music added?
By azuos01
It is been a while (some weeks) without new music (premium) for me, what is happening? By the way, I am in Brazil, is there any kind of territory restrictions?
By tobs137
Need more songs for bass,last new songs were some Jimmy Hendrix,running out of songs rapidly.You need to add more I have premium plus and going to cancel if things don't change
By anton.ys
Hi everyone!

Thanks for sharing your concerns about new songs for bass! We've passed your feedback to our music educators, and they will be working on releasing new premium+ exercises for bass shortly. Stay tuned and remember to be checking "New on Yousician" row in order not to miss the new songs!

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