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By Tschimm
There is something wrong with "under the brigde" in the verse.
Should be a C#m7 but in Yousician it's an E

(see picture)

sounds weird
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By anton.ys
Hi! Could you please re-upload the screenshot, so that our educators could have a look? Thanks in advance!
By Tschimm
Sorry, missed your post.
Thanks for your answer. I don't know where the picture went to :-)
Here it is again

11-9-9-9 is G#-B-E-G# so it's an E
11-11-9-9 would be C#minor
and thats how Frusciante plays it.
By ys-james
Hi Tschimm, sorry about the slow reply!

It's actually written correctly, but I can see why it's confusing.

You're right that E contains E G# B, but C#m7 contains C# E G# B, i.e. the same notes as an E chord, plus C#. It's very common to leave some notes out of chords, and in this case Frusciante has chosen to leave out the C#. If you do this, it's exactly the same notes as an E chord, so how can you tell which one it's meant to be?

Sometimes it can be really ambiguous, and it's hard to come up with a definitive answer about which chord name is more suitable. In this case, I'd say there are a couple of strong clues about which name is better. Firstly, the bass is playing a C# root note in that spot, which means it's functioning as C#m7 rather than E. Secondly, he's playing a straight C#m in that spot elsewhere during the verse, so the chord in question is extending that C#m chord into C#m7 rather than replacing it with E.

Hope that helps! :-)

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