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By caleboxford
Has anyone tried or is currently using an iRig 2 setup on PC with Yousician? If so, I have a couple of questions like does it work? I have been trying to find the best solution for sending absolute clean sound to my app so it will properly recognize what I am playing. (I have been using my Google pixel 2 XL and the mic / app just cant keep up as the game becomes more challenging).

I was hoping I could use the iRig 2 to plug into my PC (windows), and then to my amp for sound. This way Yousician is receiving direct sound from the guitar rather than picking up ambient sounds through a microphone. Is this possible?

By johnmosley
iRig 2 is not a USB device and not really intended for use on a PC, it is for iOS devices. If the PC has a 3.5mm TRS jack then you may be able to get it to work, I did play around with a basic iRig on PC some time ago and had some success. But really for the PC you need to ge5 a proper USB audio device that comes with its own ASIO driver.
By primanotte
I use a Radial BigShot ABY and a Rocksmith cable with Yousician on PC, and it works great.

For Yousician on iPad, I use an iRig Pro I/O. I have not tried it with my PC, but it supports Windows as well as Mac and iOS. (It also supports Android, although my understanding is that the limitations of Android prevent that being a real option, so I have not tried it with my Android devices. Edit: Your Pixel XL 2 gets much better marks for audio quality than any Android device I have, so Android may be a legitimate option for you.)

I think the iRig Pro I/O is a great option if you are going to use software to shape your tone, but since you said you want to plug into your amp, I would go with the Rocksmith cable and an ABY pedal.
By Leejayd
I use the iRIG2 HD with a PC. It came with a USB cable and lightning cable. It works well. No need to set up ASIO drivers. I don't use an AMP though, just the headphones connected to the IRIG.


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