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I have noticed this for many songs that after they have been updated, they retain the scores from their older versions. Anyone else noticed this?

For example
  • I have never played the finger-picking version of Tear Hunter (I didn't even know it existed) but I came across it when I was going through some old songs again; this song had already been completed, with all gold stars no less! Moreover, the double stop version of Tear Hunter was nowhere to be found (which I had already completed). The score status of the double stop version was carried over to the finger-picking version even when the updated song was never attempted.
  • I have observed this for different songs as well. Example, when Lazy John [Lead Lvl 6, Fretting Skills] was replaced by Sunny Days, Sunny Days had already retained scores from my last attempt of Lazy John.
I find this problematic for two reasons:
  • It robs me of the chance to explore all the amazing new content that gets added on the platform. I wouldn't want to go through the entire list of songs (that I have already completed) again just to find out the latest updates to them every time I sit down to practice.
  • As for the missions, it makes me feel like I have cheated my way through the learning path by completing milestones without actually attempting the songs! :(
Some changes could be:
  • Overwriting the older versions entirely so that their scores are not carried over. This should automatically remove the updated songs from lists like star-hunter (Workouts).
  • Reverting the milestones to grey colours to indicate that there are songs that haven't been attempted. Or any other indication, like a notification symbol or anything, to bring attention to the older milestones with updated content.
  • May be a new list, or a new feature for updated content and newer versions of songs (there are some idea/feature requests on the forum e.g., Legacy Songs for version management)
I don't know if this is an error or a deliberate feature, it is not very nice. Please help!
Thanks! :)
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