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By dad-of-3
Okay I know this sounds like a ridiculously obvious question. But when I look at the colors on the little hand guide in the bottom right corner, the colors look different on every screen that I practice the guitar on.
As a beginner, I'm trying to burn it into my memory what everything means, and I'm hoping I'm not telling myself the wrong colors.
I think, orange is the index finger, purple is the middle finger, blue is the ring finger, and orange is the pinky finger.

Is that right?
By Tschimm
The pinky is red not orange.

Those colours are only a recommendation to start with.
We all have different hands.
Sometimes i use other fingers or I even hit the note on another string because it's more comfortable.

So don't focus too much on that hand in the corner. Try out what's best for your hands

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