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By junebuglaura
Hi, I would like to use the program on my Windows 8.1 machine. I just downloaded and installed the most recent version of Yousician onto this computer. The first time I logged in, it seemed to work fine. Returning after a break, I tried to log in again, but it will not accept my login credentials. It says "Failed to log in. Please check your username/email or password" every time. I know that they are the correct email/password, because I am able to log in to the website.

I would like to subscribe to the premium+ version, but cannot do so unless I can get this working reliably on my laptop.

By raii6
Same problem!! First it was the app not launching on my windows 10 since like last summer, now that it is fixed it won't log in, even though it works when I log in on the website. Very disappointed.
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