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By Tschimm
Hi there

Lately the points count is pretty inconsistent.
See image:
On top is the screen after I finished playing. It says 626250 points
below is the screen for the high scores of the same song. It says 628100

I often finish a song, thinking "oh no, that was close to a better result", click then for the high scores to find out I made it some ranks higher.

Something is messed up in your system.

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By Savv
I think the first screenshot shows the score you just got and your old high score.
However, when you played it, you could’ve improved your score on some parts of the song, even if your total score is lower than your old high score. When you switch to leaderboards, this is taken into account. At least I think that’s how it works.
By johnmosley
Remember that the high score is made up of your best scores in each section, not the best overall score. So it is quite normal to get a overall score below your high score but have the high score increase because you beat your best score on one particular section.
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