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Every once in a while, I try to do one of the challenges. Does anyone know how these are scored? Sometimes, it looks like I earn points, just for trying it, even though I didn't do any better or worse than the previous attempt.
Just wondering how the scoring works for these challenges.

hello dad-of-3,

From what I've seen if you miss the note or chord you don't get any points. If you strum it, is it "early", "perfect" or "late" can also affect the points you get. I'm not sure and maybe someone else can clarify if you hold a sustained note that can give you the points as well.

I do know that in the past (not sure as of recent) that points were scored differently and even though you may of hit every note perfect and didn't miss any that there are some on the leaderboard that have scores that will be impossible for you to reach or beat.

That is correct Dave.
If you aren't as spot on with your timing you will score less points.
The more accurate the better your score.
You get awarded stars on how may notes you fret correctly.
So even though you may have gold stars cause you got all the notes..you may have a lower score than someone who missed a few so doesn't have gold stars but they were more accurate than you and their timing was more on point :D

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