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By Scifi_Dave

First off want to say you have come a long way from when I first started using this program to improve my guitar skills. Thank you and keep up the hard work!

Now onto my concern, I pay a lot of money for the premium+ service so I can get access to the songs by artists and don't really use the ability for the other instruments (this is for another topic). My concern is that song's I've been playing or practicing with are no longer there. As an example I have been slowly practicing the Beatles songs as my Mother-in-law loves them (she actually went to see them many moons ago).

Today I did a search on them as I was going to play a song for her and found that when I did a search on "The Beatles" nothing came up with that artist. I've noticed other songs in the past but thought that with so many in the list I may of just missed them.

For all of us that are paying you the Premium+ service annually I feel we need an explanation on why they have been removed? If you have purchased the rights to the songs then they should be in the program till this program no longer exists. I'll be surprised if I get a response from someone on the Yousician team as I've seen in the past there doesn't seem to be much support from the Team but more from other Yousician players.

By sundown25
Same here...

Tried to find Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams and found it is gone.
I am very disappionted about this. :(
Please Yousician-Team explain this to us.
What are the Reasons for Songs to disappear?
By jonn webb
Whilst I acknowledge songs do need to go due to licencing changes etc, it would actually be nice to at least give us more communications on new songs coming in and songs leaving. Update comms seem to be so minimal these days.

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