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First of all, I had yearly all-instrument subscription bought at May 2019. I stopped playing anything for few months from now, and now I wanted to use the app again. I opened it and it says that I have to subscribe again. I checked my subscription in the AppStore, it is still there, but it just don't work. I changed the plan to Premium+ and got another yearly bill which has been drawn from my credit card right away. I was charged for about $90, got not refund for the previous, subscription which did not finish yet, and what can I see in the app? It asks me to buy a subscription once again! Where did my money go and how to get the premium? What will happen if I will buy it again? How much subscriptions should I buy to make it work? Something changed so that I can't use it on several devices anymore? But still I can't use it on any device. Not PC, not iPhone, not iPad, not MBP. Nothing works. Few months ago it worked both on iPad and PC. I could play using iPad or connect MIDI keyboard to the PC and play on a big screen via USB cable (which actually works much better than on the iPad in terms of note recognition and delay). Please handle the issue. I've sent the support request as well.
Ok, I got it to work by selecting "Restore subscription". But still waiting for the refund for the previous subscription. And still have a question - why it does not restore the subscription itself and why should the user tinker some options to get it to work? I got used to fact that you pay and get the thing working right away. And still don't understand why it stopped to work. I did not change any of my devices the app was installed. It just stated that I have the free subscription and that's all.
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