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By estebanpichler

i'm currently having this Problem: when i'm playing legato notes ( hammer on, pull offs) i dont get a reliable Feedback.

I'm using a Laptop and a Tablet with internal Microphone and a acoustic guitar ( Western Guitar Fender cc-60s)

It's quite anoying because i have the feeling im playing them right, but i dont get the right Feedback from the App.

Any suggestionen? Is it better to Invest in a Microphone or another Guitar with an internal amplifier, where i can plug the audio cable directly in? And If so, is it better to have electric guitar for all the lead stuff?

Any Tipps from other Users are highly apreceated. I want to get them gold Stars!!

Sincerly Esteban from Austria
By sundown25
Hallo Esteban,

der Lead-Part von Yousician funktioniert tatsächlich am besten mit e-Gitarre.
Speziell schnelle Passagen mit Hammer-Ons und Pulloffs kommen mit einer rein akustische Gitarre
oft mit Fehlern. Zumindest einen Tonabnehmer solltest Du bei Deiner Gitarre nachrüsten, damit Du eine zuverlässigere Erkennung bekommst. Du brauchst dann aber auch noch ein Audio-Interface für deinen Computer oder Tablet.
Ich würde auf eine e-Gitarre wechseln - spätestens bei Bendings geht das mit Akustikgitarre nicht mehr.


By sundown25
Hi Esteban,

I will write in english now since there are maybe users that will find this topic helpful...

I first of all can recommend you to buy a fairly cheaper electric guitar. You do not need a high end Fender or Gibson to get better.
Most manufacturers have really good quality Guitars in the lower Price range around 200-300 €. Even the really cheap ones around 100-150 € are mostly usable. However the Guitar needs a proper setup to have a good playability - Important to have fun playing it. There are tons of Youtube videos how to setup or how to improve a cheap guitar to fit your needs.

Second: you need a good Interface or guitar amp. I started out with a iRig HD2 and my iPad. That worked just fine until I wanted my guitar to sound more
like the guitars in the original songs. So I first used amplitube CS for iPad in the Background while playing Yousician. That worked fine too, but
was a bit fiddly to get the tones I wanted.
A few Days ago I bought a Vox Adio Air GT guitar amplifier with built in audio interface and plugged it into my PC with WIN 10.
Result: 300% better sound, better recognition in Yousician, changes in the tone by simply pressing a button during playing and - most important -
new motivation for practising:D
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