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after having trouble on one of my machines (https://yousician.com/forum/viewtopic.p ... 3fbcec0ac4) I get issues on another also.

I installed Yousician on a Windows 10 PC. Rebooted, etc. When I start it from Start menu, it takes more than 10 seconds before the startup splash window shines up, showing some messages in fast sequence, and after "Checking Yousician version" just vanishes. No startup of the application. No message about which failure or error. No crash message from Windows, no information to the user at all. It just does not start.

Man, I didn't have such frustration with any application in the last years, and I am in IT, I see a lot of applications. There might be issues, but Yousisican does not give out any information what went wrong, in both cases I had, and it just behaves very unusual.

Tx for any idea for troubleshooting

I am getting the same problem. Installed Yousician on a Acer Swift laptop and it appeared to install ok. Clicked on the Launcher icon to get it started and it appears to connect and then says it is checking the version.

Then the window closes and nothing happens. No error message. Task manager doesn't show anything Yousician-like running. No issues with the internet. So I uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled, rebooted, and ran the Launcher to the same effect. Just stopped after checking version.

On my desktop, it runs just fine.

Very disheartening.

- Phil
I'm having the same issue on my MacBook pro running 10.14.6. It worked for months then one day the app just wont load, all I get is a black screen. I've re-installed a few times and it says its version 0.0.0, which is obviously weird. Pretty frustrating if they don't give back the time the app is down.
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