Having difficulties with Yousician Guitar? Found a bug in the game? Post it here.
Hi all,

I have used the app daily for more than a year with the following set up:

My electric guitar connected to iRig HD 2 audio interface and then to my iPad. I use BiasFX or Amplitube for guitar effects with background sound option on. So far it has worked perfectly passing the effects to Youcisian during my practice.
After Yousician was updated to 4.7 it simply stopped working with BiasFX/Amplitube. Immediately after I start BiasFX/Amplitube, Yousician stops recognizing my guitar interface and even Yousician built-in tuner doesn't work.
All I can do now is to use built-in guitar effects in Youcisian that have very limited options and pretty poor quality compared to BiasFX/Amplitube.

I suspect that the issue may somehow be related to some changes in support for Inter App Audio and AUv3 in Yousician or iPadOS. But I am no expert in that matter.

My software versions are as follows:
iPadOS 13.4.1
Yousician IOS_4.7.1-c63ff69737-71357

I noticed also that Yousician stopped publishing release notes on this forum so it is not even possible to look through the list of changes introduced in new software releases :(

Does anyone face similar problems? Do you have any solution?

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