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By ChaosKevin
I should add a disclaimer at the beginning of this post - I am actually looking for advice on GuitarPro. But I want to try here because I am not a member of many guitar-related forums.

I have been using Yousician for a long time with a Rocksmith USB cable and have no troubles at all. But lately I bought a license for GP7.5 and would like to get my instrument input there. I have tried ASIO but the lag is barely better than the standard Windows input options.

I am considering adding a USB device like a Focusrite Scarlett but I would lke to hear from some of you who may have already been through this process. If the lag can't be lowered to an un-noticable level then I will save my money and keep my GP output separate from my guitar's output and run them both through the same speakers.

For reference, my laptop is a core I7 and i think my desktop is an I5.
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