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By camikaze007
I know what you're all going to say, oh you shouldn't expect to have anything for free, just pay for premium its not that expensive. Truth is, it is expensive to some people. I learn on a �40 guitar and my annual household income is less than a third of the average. Now, I discovered this app and thought excellent, something that's really going to help me and advance my skills. It worked flawlessly and I got 30 minutes of free time on day 1 before I had to stop, I thought fair enough, thats more than reasonable of them. Since then though the free time has decreased and now it's stupidly low. I just logged in and had to stop after 3 minutes of play. 3 MINUTES! I got a notification saying it had reset my time this morning too. Is there something wrong with my account? Because if this is purposefully done by Yousician then that's actually an outrage. I would try emailing them about this, but alas I couldn't find an email address. I love this app to the ends of the Earth but I simply cannot afford premium and will have to delete it if this can't be resolved.

EDIT: I am also aware this should have gone in the Yousician Help section but this is my first time posting on this forum so cut me some slack please :D
EDIT 2: I only got the app last week as well so in 7 days the free time has decreased from 30 minuted to about 3
By Kromedge
Actually, I ran into exactly the same thing as camikaze007 - in fact I don't even think it was 3 minutes from the time I logged in. Also, to be clear, this was the first time logging on in over 18 hours. Not really what I would consider "free lesson time" by any stretch of the imagination. I certainly hope this is a program flaw and not a deliberate attempt to force everyone to upgrade to a paid premium subscription.
By andrew.ys.bells
Hi guys, we are looking into possible reasons of that behaviour. The problem may happen if you do not use the daily free lesson time completely, e.g. leaving a few minutes and when you login next time the app resumes the very same session.

Please try to use up the free lesson time once and check if the following session in 12 hours is of the full duration.
By Kromedge
Well, when it tells you that your free lesson time is up after a couple of minutes and there is nothing left on the clock, I would say that yes, I've used up the entire lesson and in response to your question, no, it did not help. My latest issue though is that it recognizes all the notes perfectly in practice mode but tends to ignore the B and G strings in Mission mode. This is a great concept and I like it, but until you guys get all the bugs knocked out of it, I think I will save myself the frustration and purchase Rocksmith.
By andrew.ys.bells
We are looking into the free time problem, thanks for the update. By the way Rocksmith does not give you any free lesson time at all ;-)

Better recognition could be achieved if you play with a pick, not fingers.

Also short strums over chords are recognized better.

Please check the following articles about the sound recognition related issues:

https://yousician.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/ ... r-problems

https://yousician.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/ ... microphone

https://yousician.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/ ... ment-Input
By desstar640
4 years later and the problem isn't fixed. I just got yousician a few days ago and each day my free lesson time has decreased. I got 17 minutes on the first day, and today I got 6. You guys gonna fix this yet? I can't afford premium so I'm just gonna delete it if I continue to get less free time every day.
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