Today She Inspires Millions.
Learn more about Karen Gadd's story below.

A Year Ago, She Picked Up The Bass...

…and started learning with Yousician. Since then, she’s joined Burning Codes, played live shows, and appeared on TV and radio interviews. She just launched her first album. This is her story.

“I would see someone on stage playing a bass guitar, and I would think: ‘I would never be able to do that.’ But that’s not the point. I started becauseĀ I liked it.”

How did she do it?

“I saw an advert for the Yousician app, and I thought: ‘It’s free to download, what have I got to lose?’ I started learning a little bit here and there, and doing my lesson every day. And then I got my level 1 certificate! And that was it: I was really excited about that. I thought: ‘I’m really enjoying this!’ By level 3 or level 4, I was completely hooked.”

What Is Yousician?

Instant, personalized feedback & progress tracking as you learn to play your instrument.

Over 1,500 missions & exercises + hundreds of videos covering the skills you need.

Lessons for sight reading sheet music, perfecting chords and melodies, and important technical skills like scales & combining hands on piano, or strumming, fingerpicking & fretting on guitar.

Special workouts for music theory, ear training, and each skill & chord.

Weekly Challenges where you can compete with friends and millions of Yousicians worldwide.

No Cords or Cables Needed

You don’t need anything but your instrument! There’s no need to buy any additional equipment.

Acoustic & Electric

Guitar, Bass, Piano or Uke: it doesn’t matter if you prefer acoustic or electric!

iOS, Android, and PC

Regardless of your phone, laptop, or tablet, we’ve got you covered! Yousician works on nearly every device.

Unleash your inner musician. Download for free and start playing!