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  • A great, fresh and modern way to learn!
    I have been playing musical instruments for over 45 years. I am interested in improving my guitar playing and purchased Yousician. This is a very novel approach to learning an instrument. The app, interface and methodology for following and learning is fresh.
    David K
  • Unique way to learn
    I tried to learn guitar by myself through YouTube videos. Nothing to compare with Yousician ! The concept makes you learn step by step while enjoying playing some classics. The best way to learn guitar online I've found so far.
    Frank D
  • Best guitar teaching app
    I can honestly say I've learned more in two weeks of Yousician than I have in the last 4 months. It has kept me engaged and entertained. I'll recommend it to any of my friends that want to start out.
    David W
  • Highly Recommend Yousician
    I love using Yousician. I especially love how the application can hear me and my guitar and lets me know right away if I am getting it right and if I am early or late. The feedback from the application is immediate. The application is very easy to use and has a blend of song styles.
    Eileen C R
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“Yousician is easy to follow and offers helpful visual feedback … its extensive lessons on technique and music theory make it clear that Yousician is no toy.”

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“Yousician is one of the best apps for learning to play guitar (or ukulele) with bite-size lessons based on familiar songs, and constant feedback – of the good kind.”

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“Yousician is a tool offering tabs and chord charts of thousands of songs on multiple instruments. Plus, it also offers lessons on how to learn these instruments.”

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“This is really the best of both worlds: teachers and technology working together to provide the best learning experience possible”

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