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All-In-One Ukulele Kit

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Learning ukulele has never been easier. With everything you need to get started in one easy kit, all you have to do is unpack and start strumming.

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What’s included?
  • Bondi Arcadia Series ukulele
  • 1-year Yousician membership
  • Accessories kit with uke bag, tuner, ukulele strap, ukulele chord stamp, picks, chord chart, cleaning cloth, ukulele book and gold-plated ukulele bookmark — plus an organic cotton bag for storage!

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Unpack and play

Your ukulele arrives all set up and ready to play.


Easy 60-day returns

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About Bondi

A passion for ukuleles

The team at Bondi Ukuleles believe that everyone, from beginner to experienced, deserves to play a ukulele that looks and sounds great.

By putting quality, affordable ukuleles into the hands of passionate players, they aim to share joy and music around the world.

5 stars

My niece cried tears of joy upon opening her ukulele gift!

My 13-year old niece was one happy girl on Christmas when she received her very first concert ukulele. She has never played and she taught herself "Jingle Bells" within the hour! She is so proud of it and it was so sweet to see her reaction upon opening the gift.

LeeAnne Walker
LeeAnne Walker
5 stars

My new ukulele

I am so impressed with this company. This company has the best customer service ever. And being new to this, I have had questions and they have been there for help and support.

Debra Hodges
Debra Hodges
5 stars

Just Dive In!

Like you are probably doing right now, I looked into many brands of uke. Comparing the features and reviews led me to follow my original intuition and go with the Bondi.
I'm completely satisfied and am still in some awe about how much value the starter pack, well, packs. I'm inspired to play everyday.

Nova Love
Nova Love
5 stars

Love it, love it, love it

My daughter is so happy with this gift. Everything she needs seems to be provided. A quality product from a friendly company (so far). Sheer Joy. Many useful tools.

Harry A. Hartley
Harry A. Hartley
5 stars

Fun Instrument

It was great all the way from ordering to starting to play. I have never played a Ukulele, although I play guitar. It is easy to learn, and it sounds great. It has a mellow sound.

Mark Smith
Mark Smith
5 stars

Awesome :)

I absolutely love this ukulele!! It was delivered super quickly and I am incredibly stoked! The uke itself is beautiful and all the extras that come with it are extremely useful and helpful! Bondi have done an amazing job through both their products and their customer service! Thank you so much!

Beth C
About Yousician

The world’s #1 music learning platform

Yousician makes learning to play an instrument fun and easy, no matter your skill level.

Follow lesson plans and interactive tutorials created by real music teachers, explore 10,000+ songs and lessons in the library and stay motivated with personal progress tracking.

Our award-winning technology listens to you play and gives instant feedback on your accuracy and timing, helping you to learn faster and play better.

5 stars

A great, fresh and modern way to learn!

I have been playing musical instruments for over 45 years. I am interested in improving my guitar playing and purchased Yousician. This is a very novel approach to learning an instrument. The app, interface and methodology for following and learning is fresh.

David K
5 stars

Highly recommend Yousician

I love using Yousician. I especially love how the application can hear me and my guitar and lets me know right away if I am getting it right and if I am early or late. The feedback from the application is immediate. The application is very easy to use and has a blend of song styles.

Eileen C R
5 stars

Best guitar teaching app

I can honestly say I’ve learned more in two weeks of Yousician than I have in the last 4 months. It has kept me engaged and entertained. I’ll recommend it to any of my friends that want to start out.

David W
5 stars

Unique way to learn

I tried to learn guitar by myself through YouTube videos. Nothing to compare with Yousician ! The concept makes you learn step by step while enjoying playing some classics. The best way to learn guitar online I’ve found so far.

Frank D
5 stars

Excellent way to learn an instrument

Excellent way to learn an instrument (I use it for ukulele and singing). It makes learning easy for different levels and different types of learners. I chose to not get bogged down in learning to read music at first. It was so satisfying to play my first song! I also had a great experience with Jayvee in customer service. 5 stars all around!

Meghan L
5 stars

Easy to start anything

I started with Yousician a year ago. My first instrument was ukulele. I was surprised how easy is to start to play something with Yousician. I never play any instrument before. My dream was to play piano since my I was 9. I never started. Now I bought one and I am enjoying the play the same way.

Tomas J
5 stars

Great Music Education Tool

We are a long term home educating family and recently signed up for the premium + package which offers options on all the yousician instruments plus singing. We are delighted with how user friendly it is. Both my son and daughter use it and I’m thinking of giving it a go myself!

Anette M
5 stars

Excellent app and user support!

This app is fantastic for developing your musical understanding and abilities. I’ve been singing and playing guitar for over 20 years. Yousician has helped me revisit the fundamentals so that I am more accurate and intentional in my writing and performance. The user support was excellent: timely, specific, personal, and effective. Thank you!

Bradley P

Your musical journey awaits

There’s no better time to start.

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