“Yousician is easy to follow and offers helpful visual feedback … its extensive lessons on technique and music theory make it clear that Yousician is no toy.”


“Yousician is one of the best apps for learning to play guitar (or ukulele) with bite-size lessons based on familiar songs, and constant feedback – of the good kind.”


“Yousician is a tool offering tabs and chord charts of thousands of songs on multiple instruments. Plus, it also offers lessons on how to learn these instruments.”


“This is really the best of both worlds: teachers and technology working together to provide the best learning experience possible”

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Fun & Easy

The simple, fun, and affordable way to learn bass guitar

  • Our award-winning technology gives you instant feedback while you play, no cords or cables needed.
  • Enjoy over 1,500 popular songs, lessons, and exercises across dozens of music genres.
  • Vast library of video lessons covers the entire range of playing ability – from complete beginner to advanced.
No chords or cables needed

Yousician’s unique technology uses your device’s microphone to listen to you play. You don’t need anything but your instrument!

One membership, endless possibilities

Learn guitar, piano, bass guitar, ukulele, or singing. Your membership gives you access to all instruments.

iOS, Android & PC

Regardless of your phone, laptop, or tablet, we’ve got you covered. Yousician works on nearly every device.

Our users speak

  • This app is a revelation !
    A bass loaned by my neighbor, a Guitar Hero thong and a speaker as a bass & I was starting from less than zero but I really wanted to learn. I had contacts for lessons but I did not dare to ask a professional musician because of my non-existent level. In one week of free trial, I had a blast and want more.
    Astrid C. Van Hal
  • I have been trying to learn the bass…
    I have been trying to learn the bass guitar for a couple of years but don't really have the time or money for a tutor........then i found Yousician! I practice most days and I am now playing songs rather than a few notes.
  • Education and fun together
    Playing a bass guitar with Yousician is great to improve your skills or learn something new. Or you can just practice your favourite songs. There are still more and more songs. You can do challenges and beat the best score by playing even better and more precisely.
    Martin Horka
  • I couldn't recommend it enough
    I don't usually get excited by apps but I am a complete fan of Yousician. I have recommended it to many people and have converted a few friends who have also become fans. Although subscribing is a 1 year commitment, the trial is very generous and once you are hooked it becomes apart of your daily ritual.
    Mark Rose

Premium+ pricing options

These are the plans you can enjoy after your 7-day free trial. You won’t be charged until after your trial ends.


Billed $139.99 + tax per year.

Save 61%



Billed $59.99 + tax every 3 months.

Save 33%



Billed $29.99 + tax monthly, cancel anytime.


What is Yousician?

Yousician is the world’s #1 music learning platform. We’re on a mission to help everyone discover their musical potential with fun music lessons for guitar, ukulele, piano, bass and voice. Every month, we help 20 million people make their lives more musical.

How does Yousician work?

Yousician listens with your device’s microphone while you play an instrument or sing. The app guides you as you learn notes, chords and melodies and lets you know how you’re doing in real time. It’s a fun and easy way to learn techniques, practice new songs and put your skills to the test without expensive music lessons.

What will I learn with Yousician?

Yousician gets you tuned up and ready to start your first lesson in minutes. Our carefully designed lesson plans have everything you need to learn an instrument, as recommended by our music experts.

Depending on which instrument you’re learning to play, we’ll teach you basics like finger placement, reading sheet music, and music theory. As you progress, you’ll learn more challenging techniques. It’s great for complete beginners, advanced players, and everyone in between.

What does a Premium+ trial include?

Your free Premium+ trial includes everything Premium+ has to offer. This means unlimited, uninterrupted play time, unlimited access to our entire library of lessons and popular songs, and access to all instruments (guitar, ukulele, piano, bass and voice).

How does the pricing for Premium+ work?

After your free 7-day trial ends, you will be charged the stated amount plus applicable tax. If you do not wish to purchase Premium+, cancel your membership at least 24 hours before your free 7-day trial ends. Premium+ is available with a monthly or annual plan.

How do I cancel my free trial?

Canceling your free trial depends on how you started it: with iTunes (iOS), Google Play (Android) or on our website with a debit/credit card or PayPal. If you started your free trial with iTunes or Google Play, you must cancel through iTunes or Google Play.

If you aren’t sure how you started your free trial, log in to your account on our website. On My account page, scroll down to the Subscription section to view which provider you used.

Please note that uninstalling Yousician from your device or deleting your account does not cancel your free trial. Be sure to cancel the free trial at least 24 hours before the trial ends. If you cancel after your trial period has ended, we will be unable to provide a refund.

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