Founder of ‘Mirror’ Brynn Putnam joins Yousician’s board of directors

Posted on July 11, 2022

Brynn Putnam has joined Yousician’s board of directors. She is a former professional ballet dancer and the founder and former CEO of Mirror. Mirror is a health and fitness company that builds digital mirrors to stream people workouts in their home. The company was started by Brynn in 2016 and was acquired by the athletic apparel company Lululemon in 2020 for $500 million.

Just like Yousician, Mirror uses advanced technology and hardware to help people learn and do what they love at the comfort of their own home. Brynn was excited to tell us more about why she decided to join Yousician’s board of directors and what kind of similarities she sees between Yousician and Mirror. Brynn also revealed her own musical favorites that she would like to see join Yousician.

Why did you decide to join Yousician’s board of directors?

I decided to join the board because I really fell in love with Yousician’s Chris Thür and his passion for music. Chris’ passion for what he and the team are building really inspired me. It was really clear that the business has a ton of potential and is bringing important change to the world.

What excites you the most about working with Yousician?

I felt like I could be helpful as a member of Yousician’s board of directors. There are a lot of parallels between what Yousician is doing and what we were doing with Mirror. It’s really challenging to get people to change their behavior and to pick up a new skill or habit. It’s an area I’ve thought about a lot. Because of the parallels between Yousician and what we’ve built, I’m hopeful that I can be help for them.

Did you play an instrument growing up, and what was your experience like?

When I first heard of Yousician I told another board member Josh Duyan that I didn’t think I was a fit. This is because I had taken piano lessons as a child and hated them. I think I’m still recovering from my bad music lesson experience. Despite this, I’ve aways loved music.

I was a professional ballet dancer and have always been surrounded by music. However, my own music instruction was just boring and tedious. It was nice when I was finally able to meet Chris and he said I was exactly the reason why they’re building Yousician. We don’t want music lessons to be hard and boring. We want people to find joy quickly in what they’re playing.

If you could pick any artist or band to do a course with Yousician who would it be?

My dad’s from Alabama so I got some Southern blood. That’s why I’m a country music fan. I would be excited if you got Sturgill Simpson, Kacey Musgraves, Dolly Parton or someone in that vein to do a course for Yousician.

Why do you see yourself such a good fit to join the board of directors?

I’m really excited to learn from the team. Yousician has built a big profitable business that most companies fail to do. They have clearly already built something that people love and find value in. If I can help to move the ball forward on what they have already built, I will be really excited. I’m also excited to learn from the team because they have clearly built something people love.

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