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Fun, intuitive piano lessons at your own pace

Pianists of any level can improve their playing with Yousician. Whether you’re a beginner hoping to pick up the basics or you’re already advanced, our missions and exercises are perfect for developing a wide range of skills, learning great songs, having fun, and staying motivated. Learn chords, melodies, sight-reading sheet music, combining hands, ear training, key signatures, your favorite genres, and so much more!

Our pianists are motivated by a huge inventory of videos and lessons, tons of popular songs to play, Weekly Challenges to push your skills, and comprehensive progress-tracking as you learn. You don’t need any additional cords or cables for your piano or keyboard, just a desire to play!

Learning Piano With One Hand

What does the Piano experience look like?

1. Keyboard
Here you can see which key(s) you're about to play. This makes it easier to get both hands into the correct position, and learn songs more quickly.
2. Song Bar
The song bar lets you know where you are in the song, as well as what's coming up. You can skip ahead, or set a loop for practicing the trickiest parts.
3. Finger colors & placement
Play the keys with fingers of the matching color from the bottom right legend. You'll get instant feedback on your timing and the accuracy of the note(s) each hand plays.
4. Hand Selection & Tempo Slider
Practice right hand, left hand, or hands together. You can also adjust the speed at which the song plays to determine how fast or slow you'd like to play your part.

How To Play Piano

The piano is a beautiful and incredibly versatile instrument – there’s a whole world of amazing music in there to discover. At Yousician we love teaching and playing the piano, and we hope you do too! Our piano teachers are there to support you along your learning journey, with lessons, songs, and exercises that will keep you motivated and having fun.

If you’re eager to start learning your new skill, you can go ahead and try our premium plan for free to get started. You’ll get immediate access to our full range of piano lessons and videos. If you keep scrolling down, you’ll see why Yousician is the perfect companion to help you learn how to play the piano. If you don’t have a piano/keyboard yet, we’ve even got on interactive on-screen keyboard you can play on to get started!

Learn The Piano Keyboard

Pianos have a distinctive and beautiful pattern of alternating black keys and white keys. It might look like a lot of notes to learn, but Yousician will help you understand the simple pattern behind it, and with a bit of practice it’ll look like home.

One quick tip is that each of the white notes is named after a letter of the musical alphabet: A, B, C, D, E, F, or G. On most pianos, the left-most key is A, and you can count up your musical alphabet from there: B, C, D, E, F, G, then another A, B, and so on. Now you know some of the notes!

When it comes to finding the right notes to play, Yousician will help you step-by-step. We’ll show you exactly exactly where to find each note on the keyboard, and our color-coding system will show you which finger to use. As you go, we’ll cover everything you need to know, so you become confident playing over the whole keyboard.

How to Play Piano with notes

Learn Piano Notation

Learning to read music notation can be both challenging and rewarding – some people want to master it, some people want to avoid it, and some are in-between. At Yousician, we offer a range of notation views, so you’re in the driver’s seat, and can learn to read piano music the way that suits you.

If you’d like to master ‘standard notation’ (the familiar little black dots), we’ll take you through step-by-step, helping you learn how to read each note, and understand how it works so it becomes automatic. We also offer an intuitive and easy-to-read ‘enhanced notation’ view with color-coded fingering, note names on each note, and a visual representation of rhythm to make it much easier to read quickly and focus on your playing. You can choose how you’d like to learn, and freely switch around as needed to suit your personal learning goals.

As you learn to read in Yousician, we’ll focus on playing lots of fun songs, from custom-written originals to help you build specific skills, to must-know traditional tunes and popular songs in all styles. This way, reading can become a fun and natural part of playing, and a skill you’ll be proud to master.

Music staffs on Yousician’s piano learning app

Learn Piano Chords

When you play one note at a time, it sounds nice. When you play a few notes at the same time, it’s called a chord, and it sounds awesome! Chords are the building blocks of most popular songs, and learning a good vocabulary of chords is essential for any piano player.

It can be tricky to learn new chords, but in Yousician we’ll take you through step-by-step with video lessons, workouts, and fun songs to put them into practice straight away. We’ll show you exactly where to put each finger, and help you build essential skills like changing chords, adding bass notes, and playing inversions.

How to play piano chords

How To Practice The Piano

You’ve got a lot to take in when learning a new song – which notes to play, when to play them, and getting your fingers to do what you want.

That’s where Yousician’s “practice mode” comes in! You can slow songs down as much as you need, repeat small sections until you’ve got them under your fingers, and build speed gradually until you’re ready to nail it at full speed. You can also choose to practice with one hand at a time – it’s an excellent way to build the coordination you need to play with both hands.

If you’re so inclined, you can even push yourself to achieve gold stars for 100% accuracy, and climb the leaderboards! In Yousician, you’re in charge, and you set your own pace to learn at the speed that works for you.

Playing the piano with two hands
Start Playing Piano

Easy To Learn Piano Songs

With Yousician’s song library, you have access to a wide range of popular songs to play. As you’ll see, all songs are carefully graded from level 0 (complete newbie), all the way up to level 15 (Rachmaninov-style wizardry), so there’s always something just right for you to play. We even have multiple arrangements for each song, focusing on different elements of the music, and suitable for different ability levels.

You could try learning modern pop songs, like the dark and moody bad guy by Billie Eilish – it’s a great one to have in your repertoire. In Yousician, you can choose whether you want to focus on the chords, melody, or both. This is an excellent way to build your musical understanding, and get a feel for the various elements that come together to make a song. Or, you could try classical essentials like Pachelbel’s Canon in D, or iconic piano hooks like Clocks by Coldplay – there’s a whole world of music to explore!

Best Way To Learn Piano

If you’re ready to build your musical skills on the piano, Yousician is here to help. We’ll take you through step-by-step, helping you learn and master a huge range of skills and songs, keeping things fun and motivating along the way.

Pull up your piano stool and let’s play! Our free trial for the premium plan will give you a perfect kickstart. This will be an exciting and motivating learning journey. Have fun with Yousician, and we hope you enjoy playing piano!

Unleash your inner pianist. Download for free and start playing! Yousician is a fun and rich learning environment for all skill levels. Available on iOS, Android and Desktop.