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Premium+ Family Plan

Learn together with the Yousician Family membership

4 Premium+ accounts under one Yousician plan for the whole family.
Learn to Play
Learn guitar, piano, ukulele, bass, or singing with easy-to-follow lessons by real music teachers. Use Yousician’s Family plan with 4 family members and learn singing and different instruments together as a family.
Your favorite songs
10,000+ songs and lessons with personal progress tracking for every family member. Play all of your family’s favorite songs and explore new music for everyone to enjoy.
Save more, play more
The most value-packed Yousician membership for family members under one roof. Save money by bringing the entire household together in one family plan for a smart price.

Premium+ Family

  • One plan with 4 Premium+ accounts
  • Unlimited lesson time for everyone
  • 10,000+ popular songs and lessons
  • Personal progress tracking for every family member
  • Access to learn all 5 instruments
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Lessons for all levels

Learn at your own pace with our fun and easy-to-follow learning path. Share and compare with personal progress tracking for the whole family.
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Popular songs for all family members

Personalize your playing with songs you all love in our song library, updated regularly. Choose your favorite artists or music to suit your mood. There's so much to choose from for all kinds of families.

Your journey, together

With personal, private accounts under a single plan, you can practice solo on your own device while sharing musical milestones and fun together as a family.
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Endless ways to play

Explore 10,000+ popular songs, lessons, challenges, and more, with unlimited lesson time across 5 different instruments.

Try Yousician for free

Start your free trial and unlock unlimited access for you and your family to start playing now.
  • Your first 7 days of the Family plan are on us
  • Unlimited lesson time
  • Access to learn all 5 instruments
  • 4 Premium+ accounts for the whole family
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Unlimited access to all 5 instruments (guitar, piano, ukulele, bass and singing) and content for yourself and up to 3 other family members. Each family member has their own Yousician account and can track their progress individually. Family members can save songs as favorites and create their own song collections for their accounts.
  • As the Family plan’s account manager, you can invite up to 3 family members that you live with to join your band. Each member needs to have their own free Yousician account. It is not possible to add a member if they have a Premium subscription on their account.
  • You can add family plan members in 2 easy steps! After subscribing to Family plan, go to your account page, scroll down to theFamily members section and select the Plus button. Then, add the Yousician account info of a family member you live with. Once you add a family member, they receive an email notification that they’ve been added to your Family membership.
  • You can upgrade to Family plan with your existing Yousician account and keep all your progress, favorites, and song collections. Your family members also keep their progress on their individual Yousician accounts that you add to your Family membership.
  • The Family plan account manager makes the payment for each billing period. This can be either monthly or annually, depending on the chosen plan. The account manager can add family members to join their band, remove members and manage the subscription at any time through their account page on our website.

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