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The Billie Collection: Learn Billie Eilish Songs with Yousician

Posted on June 11, 2024

We partnered with Billie Eilish to bring her most iconic hits to Yousician, including fan favorites, chart-topping smash hits, and new releases. With The Billie Collection, you can learn Billie Eilish songs on guitar, ukulele, piano, bass and vocals – or all five!

“Learn how to play my songs and make them yours with The Billie Collection, only on Yousician.” – Billie Eilish

Learn Billie Eilish songs with interactive gameplay

Yousician helps you learn Billie Eilish’s biggest hits, such as “ocean eyes,” “when the party’s over,” and “bad guy.” And with the release of Billie’s new album HIT ME HARD AND SOFT, you can learn all the new songs, such as “CHIHIRO,” “LUNCH,” and “THE GREATEST.” Make your favorite Billie Eilish songs your own with The Billie Collection.

Learn to sing, play guitar, and more

As a Grammy-awarded musician and a multi-instrumentalist, Billie is no stranger to learning the ins and outs of a new instrument. She is currently looking to improve her skills on the guitar, and knows what mastering a new instrument feels like. “Guitar has never been my main instrument, and for years I’ve been trying to get better,” Billie shares.

Billie knows the feeling of accomplishment when learning to play and seeing yourself improve as a musician. Yet, learning to play an instrument isn’t always easy. “It’s very challenging and frustrating. But I am getting there. And getting better feels really, really good,” Billie says.

Join Billie on the journey to master the guitar, vocals, and other instruments with The Billie Collection – only on Yousician!

A fun and motivating way to learn

The road to becoming good at your instrument is a long one and far from straightforward. You can still enjoy the journey and give yourself some credit for the hard work. “​​Don’t be too hard on yourself. Keep trying, just a little bit every day. It really will go a long way,” Billie encourages those looking to improve their skills.

Yousician’s advanced sound recognition technology keeps you motivated on your musical journey and gives feedback on your playing and singing. Learning with Yousician is fun as you pick up new skills, beat high scores and earn rewards while playing your favorite songs.

Discover The Billie Collection with Yousician

Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn a new instrument or an experienced musician, Yousician makes learning to play fun and easy. Improve your playing and singing skills, or start learning a brand new instrument.

Learn your favorite Billie Eilish songs with Yousician’s interactive gameplay. “The most important thing: Be you. Play them your way,” Billie reminds everyone looking to learn her songs.

Level up your playing skills or voice, and explore The Billie Collection with a Yousician Premium+ membership. Get started with your free 7-day trial now!

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