How to Choose a Guitar

Posted on October 16, 2020

Buying your first guitar can be intimidating, but we’re here to help!

In this guide, we’ll look at two types of acoustic guitars, nylon stringed and steel stringed, and electric guitars. Even if you’re a complete beginner and know nothing about guitars, we’ll help you figure out which type is for you!

First thing’s first: do you want to play acoustic or electric? That will help narrow things down right off the bat. If your genre is rock, metal or any other heavier style, you might want to get an electric guitar since all techniques are not really playable on an acoustic.

Undecided? Let’s dig in deeper!

Steel stringed acoustic guitar

A steel stringed acoustic guitar has a bright and loud sound, making it an ideal instrument for playing chords and accompanying others in jam sessions and other fun gatherings.


These guitars are easy to carry around with you.


You’ll need no amplification if you go this route, making it ideal for jam sessions, campfires and wherever else music takes you.


These guitars need nothing extra, except maybe a case or bag to protect it.


Sounds great with a pick.

Nylon stringed guitar on far left; steel stringed guitar second in from right.

Nylon stringed acoustic guitar

If you want to play classical guitar, or any other fingerpicking style, then nylon stringed is definitely your first choice! However, due to its softer sound it might not be the best choice for pop or rock styles.

Wide fret-board

Makes a great choice for beginners (more space for newbie fingers!).

Less beginner pain

Nylon strings are easier on your fingertips.


A soft sound makes these nice to play if you don’t want to disturb your neighbors!

Classical and softer styles

These aren’t ideal for rock or punk styles.

Electric Guitar

If you are more into playing riffs, solos and lead melodies, then an electric guitar is your best friend.


Amplifiers and pedals open up a whole new world of sonic possibilities.

Easy pick

Often played with a pick.

Accessories needed

You’ll need an amp to get the most out of an electric guitar.


Some of the world’s top guitarists rock out on electric guitars.



For more advice on choosing the right guitar, check out our YouTube video.

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