How to Hold a Guitar

Posted on January 20, 2021

Proper posture when first starting out an instrument is incredibly important, especially since playing is largely built on muscle memory. If you practice good form now, it will become an instinctive habit and help your playing.

The Right Way

When you’re sitting down, rest the body of the guitar on your right leg, so that the waist of the guitar sits comfortably. If you have a leftie guitar, rest the instrument on your left leg. Make sure the thickest string is closest to your nose.


Let your strumming hand hang down comfortably over the sound hole of the guitar. A relaxed wrist is important! It will help you achieve smoother strumming and avoid potential injuries.


The Wrong Way

You might feel tempted to let the guitar slide down a bit to see better, but try to resist that urge and just sit up straight.


If you tilt it, you’ll notice that your left hand has to bend more to reach the strings, and that will start hurting after a while.


It’s important to start building the muscle memory for your fingers right from the start, so it’s not so much about seeing, but feeling what your fingers are doing on the fretboard. You can also use the fret markings on the neck of your guitar for a visual aid.

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