Lunar New Year: 30 Day Guitar Challenge

Posted on February 11, 2021

Did you miss our first 30 Day Guitar Challenge? Here’s your second chance, just in time for the Lunar New Year! Take on  #30DaysofYousician, our 30 Day Guitar Challenge that will help you start the Year of the Ox on the right note! Good habits take about 30 days to stick, so this will help you throughout the rest of the year as you continue to practice.

Whether you’re just beginning your guitar journey or you’re an intermediate player, this challenge will help solidify your guitar skills. Follow us on Instagram and join our community of Yousicians taking on the challenge—it will help you stay motivated!

Just starting your guitar learning journey and need some help with the basics? We’ve got you covered! Check out our video below for a 10-minute lesson for beginners!

Check out the full challenge below. Don’t forget to share your progress with us on Instagram by tagging @yousician and you might be featured on our page!

30 Day Challenge

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