New Feature: Yousician Singing – Record & Review

Posted on January 21, 2020

The Yousician team is proud to present the brand new Record & Review feature!

You can now record yourself singing and analyze your own performance. Don’t be afraid; even if it feels weird the first time, you should still try it out, as it is the best way to improve.

This feature is available on all platforms (with latest update 4.0.1) and you can access it by pausing the song you’re singing and selecting “Record & Review”. The standard differences between Play/Practice mode still apply when you use the Record & Review feature.

After you select “Record”, the song starts over and Yousician records your performance so that you can listen back to it. In Practice mode, you can pick a section of the song you want to record, by moving the markers on the timeline.

The recording stops once the song or section ends. Alternatively, you can tap the screen any time before the end of the song, to stop. You can then choose your next step; your options are to restart the song, discard the recording, or listen to what Yousician recorded.

When you listen to your recording, you can use the timeline at the bottom of the screen to hear a specific part of the recording. You can also move forward/backward in the recording. To exit the recording at any time, select “Done”. Keep in mind the recordings are not saved.

We are always happy to get your feedback! If you want to let us know your thoughts or have any issues, visit Yousician’s Help Center to get in touch with our support team:

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