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New song release recap: April

Posted on May 1, 2021

Wondering what songs you can play with Yousician? Take a look at new songs available on Yousician below. As always, you can see what songs you can play on Yousician here!

1. High and Dry

Not many artists can say they created a whole new style, but Radiohead can.

Years before the debut albums of bands like Coldplay and Muse, the British rock band Radiohead released their 1995 album The Bends. Densely filled with angsty, haunting songs, one especially catchy element stood out: lead singer Thom Yorke’s high-pitched, soul-searing falsetto. Newer bands took note, and in the years to follow, the imitated timbres of Radiohead could be heard on countless contemporary rock albums.

2. I Got You Babe

Our hypothesis: If sunshine could be bottled into a song, it’d sound a lot like this.

Perhaps the most iconic musical duo of all time, Sonny Bono and his then-wife Cher shot to stardom with the 1965 release of their classic “I Got You Babe”. It’s a magical mix of simple, straightforward lyrics and layers of bubbly instrumentation. Nothing fancy—just good ol’ fashioned music that hits exactly right.

“I Got You Babe” became the signature song of Sonny and Cher and a trademark of the ‘60s hippie counterculture movement. In 2017, the song’s legacy was further cemented by its induction into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

3. Breakfast at Tiffany’s 

Need a dose of ‘90s nostalgia?

Prepare for takeoff: The one-hit wonder “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” will transport you right to the center of ‘90s soundscape. This upbeat, feel-good 1995 song by Deep Blue Something is a prime example of jangle pop—it’s full of catchy hooks, layered riffs, and folk-turned-power-pop vocals.

4. Photograph

Let this song be your time machine back to the good ole’ days. Bring back all the 2000s Nickelback vibes with “Photograph“!

The rock band Nickelback formed in 1995 Alberta, Canada and gained successful traction early on. The band has sold more than 50 million albums worldwide and has sold out Madison Square Garden. With six Grammy nominations and three Billboard Music Awards, it’s safe to say this group of guys really knows how to rock audiences around the world!

Check back next month for more new songs to play with Yousician!

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