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New Song Release Recap: May

Posted on June 1, 2021

Wondering what songs you can play with Yousician? Take a look at new songs available on Yousician below. As always, you can see what songs you can play on Yousician here!

1. Therefore I Am

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and this record-shattering artist deserves a special shoutout: Billie Eilish.

At only 19 years old, Billie Eilish has taken the world by storm with her talent and unapologetic authenticity: from her music to personal style, she’s 100% true to herself. Her irresistibly unique sound has led to countless awards, including her historic 2020 Grammy wins. (Did you know she’s the youngest person, and only the second EVER, to win all the main awards—best record, song, album, and new artist—in the same year?)

But beyond her music, Billie has forever bettered the world with her honesty and raw openness about her mental health. Having suffered from body dysmorphic disorder and depression, she now uses her platform and personal experiences to normalize public conversation about mental health and socio-psychological responsibility. For that, we thank her!

The song “Therefore I Am” is peak Billie: with a throbbing bassline and enough swagger to stun Mick Jagger, you won’t want to miss this hypnotizing alt pop track!

2. Uprising

Ready to join “The Resistance”? (Not the Star Wars one… the Muse one!)

Formed in 1994, the English rock band Muse is known for their flair-filled signature style, a fusion of glam and electronic rock. Every Muse song is a sonic explosion bursting with experimental sounds and motifs, and their best-selling single “Uprising” is no exception. This energetic anthem was the first single released off Muse’s fifth album The Resistance, and we’re digging its big, fuzzy bassline and Matt Bellamy’s vibrato-rich vocals.

3. My Silver Lining

Some things just run in the family. For Swedish sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg, it’s music!

Now known as First Aid Kit, the sisters began singing together in their early teens after falling in love with the soulful sounds of folk ballads. From there, they started writing their own songs, and the result was simply magical: flawlessly pitched and perfectly balanced harmonies that mesmerized listeners around Sweden. Within a few years, First Aid Kit had established themselves as one of the best indie folk groups in the world.

From First Aid Kit’s third album Stay Gold, the radiant song “My Silver Lining” instantly became a fan favorite with its spirited string section, rousing riffs, and of course: stunning sister harmonies!

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