New song: When the Party’s Over for piano and singing

Yousician team 2 min read

Let’s learn this beautiful and fragile song, built using layers of vocals and just a minimal piano accompaniment. The song is composed in a 3/4 meter, which means that instead of the typical four you count in three in every bar. It gives the song its slightly swinging feel – like if you were spinning around on a dance floor. “When The Party’s Over”, made famous by Billie Eilish, is now available in Yousician for Piano and Singing.

When The Party’s Over for Piano
by: Sunny Choi, Music Education Designer for Piano

Melody exercise (level 4): Get familiar with the melody and improve your note reading skills in both hands all at the same time!

Chords exercise (level 5): Learn the chord progression of the song and improve your note reading speed. Chord changes on the third beat can feel slightly odd as we can often anticipate another beat. Remember to keep the beat moving after the third beat in every bar!

Accompaniment exercise (level 8): Let your playing grow fuller in sound as the song also unfolds over time. Do you have what it takes to own this song on the piano?

When The Party’s Over for Singing
by: Sonja Patrikainen, Music Education Designer for Singing

In this song, you will face a lot of high notes! Again, it is a good practice to first learn the melody without lyrics. Some vowels are more difficult to sing higher with than others, so a couple of good syllables to start off with are “yee” and “you”.

Monitor your tongue and jaw while singing. Any tension in them will make higher notes feel harder to sing. When you’re singing the melody with the “yee” or “you” syllables, try to relax your jaw, and let your tongue roll to the front of your mouth.

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