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Posted on November 28, 2023

There are many ways to learn piano, and one isn’t necessarily better than the other. It’s always up to personal preference and your preferred way of learning a new skill. Unless you were born with the skills of a piano virtuoso, you’re likely going to need some help learning how to play. Piano lessons are great for this.

But how do you choose the right piano teacher and lesson format? After all, nowadays you don’t have to choose in-person piano lessons with a teacher. Thanks to the internet, learning to play piano with lessons is easy even by yourself at home or wherever you have a piano or keyboard. Read on for some help choosing the right kind of piano lessons for you.

Online piano courses or in-person lessons?

Choosing the best format for piano lessons can be a challenge. With so many different options available, finding the right way of learning for you can require some work. So what are your options for learning to play the piano?

In-person piano lessons with a teacher

Before the internet revolutionized the way people play, listen to, and learn music, most people used the help of piano teachers. Learning to play the piano with a teacher is still a great option. Piano lessons for children are usually in person with a teacher who specializes in teaching younger learners. Some younger beginners can also benefit from a real teacher to learn basic piano skills.

One downside of in-person lessons is their price and inconvenience. Depending on the teacher and where you live, a single piano lesson with a teacher can cost tens of dollars for an hour of teaching every week. For many, this is out of budget. In certain areas, it can also be a struggle to make your way to the lesson.


Piano lessons online with a teacher

Once Zoom meetings and other video conferencing technology became commonplace, even piano courses went online. With the right kind of video setup, in-person teaching and learning piano can take place online as well. However, in our opinion, the best online piano lessons take full advantage of modern technology in other ways than just video conferencing.

Online piano lessons with an app

For many, the most convenient and accessible way to learn is with an interactive piano-learning app. The most advanced apps listen to you play and give feedback on your playing. You’ll know if you missed a note or if your timing is spot on. If you use video lessons without the interactive element, it means relying on your own ears instead of someone giving you feedback.

Yousician is a great way to learn regardless of skill level or age. With the Yousician Family plan, you can learn together with a single Yousician Family membership for up to four people. With personal progress tracking for every family member, you can follow everyone’s journey as they learn to play and level up their piano skills.

How about free online piano lessons?

The internet has made learning to play piano (or any instrument) easy and accessible. You can even find free online lessons for piano to get you started on your journey. But are free lessons any good? And what makes paid online lessons better?

You can learn a lot with free online piano lessons. However, there are some drawbacks to free online piano lessons. For example, you can get bombarded with ads that distract you from the thing that really matters: learning to play. Free piano-playing resources are also limited to just video lessons without interactive elements. When you pay for online piano lessons, such as videos and interactive gameplay, you can rest assured the learning materials are designed by professionals.

Luckily, in many cases, you can try your online piano lessons of choice for free before committing to anything. Just like some piano teachers give the first lesson for free, you can try out online piano lessons before paying. You can try Yousician Premium+ for free. With Premium+, you get access to our interactive online piano lessons with a simple monthly or annual subscription.

How online piano lessons teach you to play

What makes learning piano online so great is the flexibility and freedom it offers. Unlike traditional piano lessons, piano lesson apps and online content allow you to learn at your own pace wherever you are. If you have a portable midi-keyboard, you can essentially learn and play piano anywhere!

With Yousician, you can even use the midi-connection of your keyboard or digital piano to connect the instrument to your device. Optionally, you can connect your instrument with Bluetooth. For learners on an acoustic piano, use the microphone of your device to pick up the sound.

Just following along with video lessons and doing exercises gets you far. However, to make learning piano more fun and motivating, you need songs to play as well. After all, that’s probably why you chose to start learning in the first place: to learn your favorite songs on the piano. Browse Yousician’s full library of songs for piano and learn some of music’s classics and newest hits.

Can you learn music theory with online piano lessons?

Another great thing about interactive piano lessons is that you can choose how much emphasis you put on music theory. If you want, you can just learn the basics and focus more on playing songs and having fun. On the other hand, if you want to know everything about reading sheet music, playing scales, and mastering playing with both hands, you can do that too!

The Knowledge theme in Yousician is a great path to take if you want to start learning music theory in more detail. With the Knowledge theme, you learn the basics of musical vocabulary, scales, piano chords, and much more. You can also choose between different notation styles based on your skill level and preferences. Start with simplified and color-coded notes if you’re still getting started or play along using sheet music if you’re already a more advanced piano player.

Best online piano lessons for learning at home

Yousician is your personal piano teacher. Our interactive online piano lessons are a motivating and fun way to learn how to play the piano. Use your computer or mobile device to play and learn at your own pace.

You can try Yousician’s online piano lessons for free and get access to our full library of songs and lessons for other instruments as well. Choose songs for your skill level, whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro. Slow songs down and play along to a metronome to get your timing right. Download Yousician for your computer or Android and iOS mobile device.

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