Ovelin rebrands to Yousician

Posted on November 25, 2014

Now that we’re launching our new product, we took the opportunity to re-think our branding strategy and decided to unify the company and our flagship product under one brand. Behold: We are Yousician!

Yousician – A combination of “You” and “Musician”

Our mission from the very beginning has been to revolutionize music education, so more people can learn and will succeed in playing a musical instrument. And with our three products, we have been getting some good results doing exactly that. With now over 10M guitar players and learners using our products, we are the largest music educator in the world. We always knew that we do not want to limit ourselves to one instrument only, but, in due time, support all means that people want to make music with.

Enabling everyone to become a musician

Before YouTube, only a few people were able to become actors, make films and broadcast them to the world. Today, everyone can participate, and as a result we have seen a worldwide explosion of creativity, ideas, and yes, also a lot of cat videos.

At Yousician we believe that the ability to make music can also be made accessible to everyone. And we provide both the tools and educational curriculum to enable a wide range of people. Will everyone become an accomplished musician with Yousician? Probably not. Can everyone have fun actively making music? – Definitely!

Why learn, if you just want to make music?

People don’t want to learn a language, they want to speak it. The learning part is just the way of getting there. The same is true for music. People don’t want to learn, they want to make music. This creates this weird duality where you divide the activity into two distinct parts:

  • The learning – which is often perceived as boring, tedious and repetitive chore that only very few ever get through
  • The playing – which many imagine is the fun part after the learning

We believe this is fundamentally wrong.

The early stages, the “learning phase” can and should be fun from day one. For example in soccer, every child is bad at it at first, yet it’s fun from the very first time they kick a ball. The same can be true for playing an instrument, it can be fun from the very first note you play. And secondly, you cannot ever finish “learning” to play an instrument, no matter how good you are. There are always more songs, more techniques, more styles, improvisations etc. to be mastered. And that is what makes this such a wonderful hobby. The more you can do, the more you realize will still be possible.

The name Yousician reflects our belief that as long as someone is actively making music, you are both learning and – most likely – having a lot of fun. Thus, you are a Yousician.

One brand, one vision

Yousician is also our way to build one concise brand. So we decided not to tie it to a specific instruments. So for all of those asking will there be BassBots or AlphornBots, the answer is no. However, we will be introducing other instruments, though not sure about the alphorn yet.

We extend our current product family of GuitarTuna, WildChords and GuitarBots with an entirely new product called Yousician, the namesake of our company. Yousician is a tool for learning to play an instrument, but also for people that already play an instrument to improve skills, learn new songs or challenge themselves and their friends. You can check out the Yousician app at

We believe musicality can and should be as commonplace as literacy and Yousician is out there to make it happen. We leave it up to others to decide at what skill someone is considered a musician. For us the skill is less important than the fact that you make music at all. Because as long as you play something, you are making the world a more musical place, and thus, you are a Yousician.

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