What’s new in Yousician: February update

Posted on February 22, 2021

We used your feedback and the latest music-learning research to create a more user-friendly experience. Here are the changes you’ll notice next time you update the app:

A horizontal view

Sometimes you need a change in perspective! Since our app is in landscape, we’ve switched the syllabus to scroll horizontally and made your master level visible as you’re looking through it. But it’s not all business: We’re throwing some extra pep in your progress with celebratory illustrations and trophies as you hit key milestones, because who doesn’t love feeling like a winner?

Hoizontal View

Unlocked missions

If gentle learning curves aren’t your thing, no worries: all the missions are now unlocked, so you can skip around and focus on specific skills. No more getting stuck on a single mission — you can now move to a different one, give your brain a chance to reset, then come back to the first one when you’re ready!

Unlocked Missions

Keep your progress

Instead of having individual levels for different topics (like rhythm and lead), you’ll just have one overall master level. Even though there are lots of changes, we’ve made sure that you’ll keep your progress. Your level will stay the same (or may go up in some cases), and you’ll still keep your progress on all songs and lessons you’ve already worked on.

Keep Your Progress

What happened to the paths?

The different branches in the learning paths are now merged into a single, theme-based one. The missions are tagged with a theme, rather than being organized into paths.

The theme-based learning path gives clearer guidance about the skills needed to become a well-rounded musician. If you want to, you can complete all the missions within a level but also have more flexibility to focus on your interests.



Thoughts on the new changes, or questions for our Yousician team? Get in touch with us by visiting our Help Center at

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