What’s new in Yousician – March update

Posted on March 18, 2020

Hi Yousicians,

Today, we’re excited to announce a few design changes that you may have already noticed yourself. Specifically, the certificates (sent upon successful completion of a skill test) and the Activity reports (which is emailed to you every week, if the option to get it is enabled in-app under Settings > Privacy) have a fresh new look. If you didn’t see them yet, here’s how they look now:

In other news, update 4.4 includes:

Changes to how guitar and ukulele barre chords are displayed. The update is out now on desktop with the mobile version following in a couple of days. The barre chords are now shown as follows:


New users on iOS will also be able to use Apple Sign-In to sign up for a new Yousician account. Simply select “I’m New To Yousician”, and tap the option to sign with Apple Sign-In. You can use Apple Sign-In to log in to the same account and keep your progress. If you want to use the same account on a different device where Apple Sign-In isn’t supported, you would need to create a password for your Yousician account by resetting it. Here is how to do it.



As usual, the new app update also includes bug fixes and general improvements to make your musical experience better.

Want to share your feedback about the new changes or have a question? Get in touch with our support team by visiting our Help Center:

Keep on rocking! 🤘

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