What’s new in Yousician: Update 4.14

Posted on August 20, 2020

We made some updates to the pause menu of all stringed instruments (guitar, bass, ukulele) available in Yousician. All the features you know and love are still available, but may have a new home.

New location for the Menu

The menu is now at the top of the screen, moving from its former home on the left. Tuner, Audio, Notation, and Mixer are now available within Options.

Mixer redesign

The Mixer feature now looks like this:

The Mixer allows you to adjust the volume and gain of your instrument. There’s also a bunch of ready-made presets to choose from:

  • Clean: A clean and balanced sound. A great all-rounder.
  • Pop: Clean and bright, perfect for strumming chords.
  • Country: Extra-bright and clean for that country twang.
  • Rock: Big and distorted. Excellent for riffs and leads.

Notation style previews

The Notation screen has also gone through a revamp and will now show a preview of each notation style. Just choose your favorite, tap “Done” and that’s it!

Practice Mode

In Practice Mode, the Options menu is also where you need to go to enable Play For Me, Metronome, Mute Song, or Loop Lead-in. You can find more information about each feature at our Help Center.

New Tempo adjuster

The song tempo can also now be changed from the main song practice screen in increments of 5%. That pesky slider is gone – now you can just use the new buttons instead!

To enable Auto tempo mode, go to the pause menu, press Tempo, and select Auto.



Want to share your feedback about the new changes or have a question? Get in touch with our support team by visiting our Help Center.

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Keep on rocking! 🤘

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