New Song: Best of You for Guitar, Piano, Bass, and Singing

Posted on December 2, 2019

Let’s learn this hit rock song! As you listen, you’ll notice it features a syncopated rhythm, with some accents on off-beats (i.e. in the spaces between the normal 1 2 3 4 beats you’d tap your foot to). It’s great practice to listen carefully to songs, clapping along, and noticing the feeling of those strong off-beats pushing the rhythm along.

“Best of You”, made famous by Foo Fighters, is now available in Yousician for Guitar, Piano, Bass, and Singing.

Best of You for Guitar
by: James Neilson, Music Education Designer for Guitar

In the basic riff exercise (level 2) you’ll play along with the riff of the song, using some single notes on the E-string and A-string. Try to focus on using the correct fretting fingers (in this case index and ring), as it’ll help you play efficiently without having to move around the fretboard too much.

In the cowboy chords exercise (level 5) you’ll play the main chords of the song, using familiar cowboy shapes. It’s designed to use a capo on fret 4, but if you don’t have one you can just hit ‘transpose’ and you can play along without one.

In the fancy chords exercise (level 6) you’ll play the original rhythm guitar part, which uses some chords that are fancy-sounding (Bsus4, C#m7, etc), but are fairly straight-forward to play with lots of open strings. Start slow and memorize each chord as you go – there are only 4 chords in the song, so it won’t take too long.

Best of You for Piano
by: Sunny Choi, Music Education Designer for Piano

Melody exercise (level 3)
Challenge your note reading skills while being mindful of the ties! A tie is a curved line that joins two or more identical notes together. A tie indicates that you only play the first note and hold for the rest of the tied note duration.

Accompaniment exercise (level 4)
Challenge and strengthen your chord reading skills. While a chord can be played in a solid form, it can also be played in a broken form too.

Solo piano exercise (level 7)
This exercise will make you feel like you’re in charge of playing the whole band on the piano. Keep up with the melody while carrying the groove with your left hand.

Best of You for Bass
by: Antti Halmetoja, Bass content specialist

In the basic bassline exercise (level 2) you’ll learn the basics of the song. There are many different parts to learn, so it’s lots of fun to play.

In the main bassline exercise (level 4) you’ll learn all the important parts of the original bassline, with many of the same fingerings. When you master this, it’s fairly straightforward to move up to the full version.

The full bassline exercise (level 8) includes the originally recorded bassline. The chord progression of the song is pretty simple, but there are plenty of details to discover. Watch out for the fast 16th notes on the bridge, and especially the triplets at the end.

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