New Song Release Recap: June

Posted on July 6, 2021

Wondering what songs you can play with Yousician? We celebrated Pride Month in June by adding songs from some iconic LGBTQ+ icons. Take a look at new songs available on Yousician below. As always, you can see what songs are available on Yousician here!

1. Careless Whisper

When George Michael was 17 years old, something magical happened. He was standing on a bus, paying his fare, when suddenly a distinctive saxophone line popped into his head.

George couldn’t let it go, and the rest is history. Well, almost history. When it came time to record the song, he made 11 different saxophonists play the iconic part before approving of the final rendition. With that last special touch, the smash-hit song Careless Whisper was born, and George was instantly launched from his Wham boy-band status to solo-artist stardom.

2. Make Me Feel

Some artists fit into clear categories, and then there’s Janelle Monáe: an entire genre of her own.

The LGBTQ+ icon’s critically acclaimed songs are explosive blends of funk, soul, and pop, and they pack powerful messages of social liberation, self-empowerment, and individual agency. They’re a rallying cry to celebrate yourself as you are—and if there’s a Monáe masterpiece that definitively belongs on the Pride Month soundtrack, it’s the sassy, sex-positive single Make Me Feel.

3. Gimme Gimme Gimme

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who love ABBA, and those who won’t admit it!

Either way, our Pride playlist wouldn’t be complete without these Swedish superstars. They’re one of the best-selling groups of all time, and for good reason: their infectiously upbeat, catchy songs meet you right where you’re at. Whether you’re in the mood to party (hello, Dancing Queen), or going through a bad breakup (enter: The Winner Takes It All), there’s an ABBA song for every mood and moment. Plus, who doesn’t love their fabulously campy style?

4. Cool Girl

Sex Positivity? Check. Self Acceptance? Check. Uninhibited freedom? Absolutely.

Swedish singer-songwriter Tove Lo checks all the Pride boxes, but she’s anything but predictable. When her unfiltered, confessional song Habits came out in 2013, music fans couldn’t get enough of its in-your-face honesty and edgy electropop energy. For Tove Lo, no topic is off-limits, and non-conformity is the norm. Her only rule: be true to yourself!

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