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Yousician @ Educa 2020

Posted on January 29, 2020

This past weekend, Yousician had the pleasure to participate at Educa 2020, the Nordic’s largest event for the education sector.

Educa is the Nordic’s largest exhibition in its field and includes high-quality lectures that are free of charge to visitors, organized by the Trade Union of Education (OAJ). The event provides information on the latest developments in the field of education and is arranged in Messukeskus, Helsinki, Finland.

Yousician presented to hundreds of educators “Yousician for Schools”, a one of a kind music educational pilot to be delivered to selected elementary schools in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area in 2020.

Combining Yousician’s technology and modern concepts in music education, we designed a unique method to enhance music teaching and learning experience. This method is based on the Gamification of Learning, an educational approach that brings gameplay elements into learning environments.

This method of teaching music utilizing Yousician’s technology was pioneered by Juan Valencia (a.k.a Mister V), a music educator from Toronto, Canada. Six years ago, he discovered Yousician when he was looking for new ways and methods to engage with his students in the classroom. After seeing the excitement of his students and enjoying their newfound focus when using Yousician, Mister V realized the potential of this technological tool for transforming traditional music education in the classroom.

For more information about “Yousician for Schools” visit: schools.yousician.com

We would like to thank all the educators that visited our stand for the great interest and enthusiasm towards this project. Our presence this year at Educa was a complete success!

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