Yousician For Schools
Gamified Group Music Lessons

Yousician for schools is a one of a kind music educational pilot to demonstrate a modern approach to music education. This project will be delivered to selected elementary schools in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area in 2020.

Founded in 2010 in Finland, Yousician is the largest and fastest-growing music education company in the world, with millions of students around the globe.

A new approach to music education

Combining our technology and modern concepts in music education, we designed a unique method to enhance the music teaching and learning experience. This method is based on the Gamification of Learning, an educational approach that brings gameplay elements into learning environments. We use game mechanics and design techniques to actively engage and motivate students in the classroom. Through our approach, we can capture and hold the interest of your students and inspire them to continue learning.

In educating children using our innovative method, we’ve been able to foster a social setting that promotes confidence, learning, fun and, above all else, a love for music.



Why teachers love our gamified approach

  • It provides teachers with innovative tools to make learning music a more exciting and engaging experience.
  • It motivates students to learn and practice.
  • It makes learning an instrument a more accessible experience for all children
  • It facilitates lesson planning for teachers, as it assists educators in delivering comprehensive instrumental music lessons without the need for extensive knowledge of music concepts. 

Our Mission
Our mission is to make musicality as common as literacy. By partnering with innovative music educators in schools, we can help them deliver the best music lessons to their students. Together we can foster a love for music at an early age.

Children are now born with software at their disposal. School boards in countries around the world like Finland are becoming aware of the importance of incorporating digital technology into classrooms and utilizing it as a teaching tool. We understand that new forms of music education need to be introduced to fulfill this need. We believe that our method with our technology can help schools and educators make that transition to the future of music education.

What we offer

  • A donation of guitars or ukuleles for the classroom and all the necessary equipment for our Gamified Music Lessons.
  • Guitar or Ukulele Lesson to demonstrate our Gamified Teaching Method in your classroom.
  • A one-year Yousician educational license for teachers involved in the program 
  • Full support and training to use our technology and teaching methods.

The Story

This method of teaching was pioneered by Juan Valencia a.k.a Mister V, a music educator from Toronto, Canada. Six years ago, he discovered Yousician when he was looking for new ways and methods to engage with his students in the classroom. After seeing the excitement of his students and enjoying their newfound focus when using Yousician, Mister V realized the potential of this technological tool for transforming traditional music education in the classroom.

He founded Guitar Starz Club, a Toronto-based non-profit music school that operates in collaboration with state schools. Owing to its innovative approach to music education, this music school became very popular, very quickly. Over the last five years, Guitar Starz Club has made a significant impact on the lives of over one thousand children in the Greater Toronto Area. After the great success of the program in Canada, Mister V and Yousician decided to join forces to create this initiative that will allow them both to achieve their missions: to promote the importance of music education and contribute to the formation of our future generations.

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How much does it cost to bring this pilot program to my school?



If the teacher and school administration decide to implement our program, we will donate all the necessary equipment, software licenses, and assistance to run the classes.

What kind of commitment does Yousician expect from the teachers involved in this project? How does Yousician benefit?

We believe that our method with our technology can help schools and educators make that transition to the future of music education. To develop this idea further, we will like to get invaluable feedback from all teachers involved in the program. A 12 months commitment using our products in the classroom will be necessary for us to gather the required knowledge.

Are the children required to buy an instrument to practice at home?


All schools will receive all the instruments necessary for each student. It’s up to each school to decide if the students will be allowed to take the guitars/ukuleles home. Of course, it is always beneficial to own an instrument to practice regularly. 

What instruments can I teach with this method?

Yousician currently supports guitar, ukulele, piano, bass, and voice. However, for the group setting, we recommend the guitar, ukulele, and voice for the practicality of these instruments. We will donate all the guitars or ukuleles necessary to run the program.

Do I need to have any experience with technology to use Yousician in my classroom?

Basic knowledge of how to use a tablet or smartphone is required. We’ll provide all the teachers with the necessary support and training to incorporate this technology into their music lessons.

What equipment does my school need to have for me to run the Gamified Music Lessons?

All you need is a classroom with a projector and screen. We will provide all the necessary instruments and equipment for you to deliver your classes successfully.