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Guitar tuners and guitar tuning apps are a dime a dozen, for sure. Think about it, though—when was the last time you came across a great tuner app for the violin? We’d say it’s a safe bet that your answer would be “not very often”...

Luckily there’s GuitarTuna. Don’t let the name fool you— inside our incredibly popular app (over 100 million downloads since 2012) you’ll find one of the best tuners for the violin that you’ve ever used (and ever will). Our violin tuner app is packed with features and technology that’ll be sure to leave you impressed.

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Free Violin Tuner App

As far as actual physical tuning devices go, there are a lot of micro-sized, clip-on tuners out there these days. They attach easily to your violin, pick up the vibrations from the violin strings, and then tell you which way you need to tune.

Sounds great, right? Here’s the downside – they all cost money. Some of the better violin tuners at the higher end of the range can go up to $100.

Here’s what’s truly great about GuitarTuna: our violin tuner app, available on Android and iOS, can be downloaded on your smartphone for free. That’s right. You can have this incredible tuning tool at absolutely no cost at all.

Best Violin Tuner

Violin Tuning Quality

Now, we know what you may be thinking… “if it’s free, it can’t be any good”. Nothing could be further from the truth. The violin tuner app in GuitarTuna is without a doubt one of the most useful tools you can use to make your playing sound sweetly in tune, just as Stradivarius intended.

The world’s most advanced audio algorithm (the same one that powers the Yousician app) is the engine behind our tuner for the violin. Using only the mic in your smartphone, our tuner translates the sound from your violin strings into a stable signal that makes tuning a piece of cake. There are no indicators that bounce around from sharp to flat. Instead, our technology is rock solid and you can trust that the results will be amazingly accurate and reliable.

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Violin Tuner Features

You’ll be even more impressed with our violin tuner app once you see the other features that come with it. The app has the capability for more than just the standard tuning on the violin. It also supports other instruments in the violin family, such as the viola, cello, and fiddle. On top of that, there’s a handy metronome included to help you practice your timing once you’re all tuned up.

Your search for the right tool to easily and accurately tune your violin is over.Download GuitarTuna today and spend less time tuning and more time playing. . And because playing the violin (or any other instrument, for that matter) shouldn’t be an expensive hobby, you can download GuitarTuna for free.

Free Violin Tuner


Stringed instruments such as the violin are tuned by applying the correct amount of tension to its strings, resulting in a pitch that is harmonically perfect. That in and of itself can be tricky enough, but you then have to tune each individual string to sound correct relative to other strings on your instrument. With our violin tuner app, you’ll find that this is in fact easier than it sounds.

The first step to properly tune your violin is to download the GuitarTuna app and go to the ‘Settings’ section. There you’ll find a wide range of instruments supported by the app. For our purpose, the section you want to select is ‘Violin Family’. From there, simply pick ‘Violin: Standard’. This setting allows you to tune your violin to the standard (G D A E) violin tuning.

After selecting the correct tuning, the screen shows a violin headstock. In manual mode, all you have to do is press the note letter. This will generate an accurate tone that you can use to tune by ear. From there, you then turn the tuning peg on the headstock of your violin to get the string to match the note from the tuner. You’ll either be sharp (too much tension, giving you a higher pitch), or flat (too little tension, resulting in a pitch that’s too low). Once the notes sound the same, the string of your violin is in tune and you can proceed to the next string. Once all four strings from the G string to E string are in tune, congratulations! Your violin is in tune and you’re ready to play.

The Auto mode in our violin tuner is even easier to use. With the Auto mode,  all you have to do is play a note and the app’s algorithm will detect which note you are trying to tune to, showing an indicator above the image of the violin headstock. The app shows you whether you’re sharp or flat, and moves as you adjust the violin strings and their tension.

Once the string has the right amount of tension and is tuned to pitch, the indicator will land directly above the headstock image. Then you move on to the other strings and repeat the same process.

That’s all there is to it. Once you’ve done all of the strings, your violin will be perfectly in tune and ready for practicing or performing once again.

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