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Tune your banjo with the GuitarTuna app

The fastest, easiest, and most accurate way to tune your banjo and practice like a pro. Discover 100+ tunings including standard tuning. The app also supports 15 instruments, so it’s easy to switch between other instruments.

Improve your playing skills with chord trainers, a chord library, a handy metronome, and more.


Banjo tuning accuracy with instant feedback

Get professional-quality tuning in moments with the the GuitarTuna app. The tuning app listens to your pitch while you tune, guiding you with real-time feedback. Audio recognition technology combines with noise cancellation to get you in perfect tune every time.

Trusted by banjo players worldwide

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    Great app, would recommend!!



    I've been using this for years and so have my buddies. It helped me learn basic chords, strumming, etc. It helps me tune my guitar and it helps me when I'm at my buddy's when he needs to tune his banjo. Great app, would recommend!!

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    GuitarTuna is awesome



    It works just like a professional-grade guitar tuner. It was spot on and it works on ukuleles and banjos. It is awesome. Everything you would want wrapped in the one, that way whenever you go somewhere you don't have to bring along your professional tuner or your little tuner, you can just bring your phone.

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    Secret weapon



    Not only is it a tuner (best app tuner I've used personally) but it also has a metronome, games, chords, and a plethora of instruments to choose from and it's SUPER easy to navigate. I love it! Thanks for making an awesome app. From one musician to another, THANKS!!!

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    Very reliable tuner



    This is a great app! Very easy to use and very reliable, if you are just starting out, you can take a big worry off your mind, by getting in tune quickly and easily with this app. Highly recommended!

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    I used to not want to play my guitar because tuning it was such a pain, but then I got this app and now it’s SO fast! I'll be with people and I’ll tune my guitar with this app then they go “woah that was fast!”. 10/10 recommend.


Get in tune and play your favorite songs with the #1 tuner app

Download the GuitarTuna app to access the pro-quality song library of chords and lyrics. Now on iOS and Android. Start for free.

GuitarTuna app features

  • Metronome Metronome With tap-for-tempo and multiple time signatures.
  • Chord games Chord games Plus chord library, trainers, and more.
  • Chromatic tuner Chromatic tuner With alternative and custom tunings, and manual mode to tune by ear.
  • 15 instruments 15 instruments Tuning for stringed instruments including ukulele, bass, banjo, and more.

How to tune your banjo

Follow these easy steps for beginners
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    1 Start in standard In the GuitarTuna app, choose Standard tuning to begin with. You’ll typically be using the standard tuning for either 4-string or 5-string banjos.
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    2 Pluck a string Start tuning your banjo by playing any string with the right tension — not too heavy, not too light. GuitarTuna will listen to your pitch with its built-in microphone.
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    3 Adjust your tune Turn the tuning pegs on the headstock of your banjo. You’ll hear the pitch get higher or lower as tension is applied or removed. Turn until the app shows you’re in perfect tune!