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Get your ukulele in perfect tune with the GuitarTuna app

The fastest and easiest way to tune your ukulele and practice like a pro. Discover 100+ tunings in the ukulele tuner app including popular ukulele tunings: Soprano in C, Soprano in D, Slack key, and more.

Improve your playing skills with all the tools you need including a chords library, metronome, chord trainers, and games. Everything to perfect your playing and train your musical ear, right in your pocket.


Tuning accuracy for ukulele with real-time feedback

Get accurate and pro-quality tuning in less than a minute with the GuitarTuna app. The tuning app listens to your pitch while you tune, guiding you with real-time feedback. Audio recognition technology combines with noise cancellation to get you in perfect tune every time.

Trusted by ukulele players worldwide

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    Great tuner



    I'm the type of person who doesn't write reviews for pretty much anything, but this tuner is awesome! I recently restrung an old ukulele to lefty and it was amazing how the tuner was able to pick up the loose strings tunes. Other tuning apps for the ukulele only had the right tone instead of letting you know how far off you are from the proper notes.

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    Amazing!! 😁😁😁🐠



    I play the Ukulele and Guitar and I never have a problem tuning with this app. I downloaded a few tuning apps, and most of them had pretty poor audio. I decided to use this app because I heard of it but I thought it would be the same. I downloaded the app and my mind changed almost instantly. More musicians should discover this tuning app!

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    This is Absolutely GREAT!! Totally recommend!!



    This app is very useful and helpful! Totally recommend it for any type of guitar/ukulele player and even beginners like me! This app also tells me some awesome songs that I can play and rock! There are also chord games which are VERY fun and little do you know is helping you learn your chords! LOVE THIS APP!! TOTALLY RECOMMEND for anyone trying to play the guitar, ukulele, etc. Thanks! And that is a wrap on why I gave this app a 5-star rating!!!

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    Secret weapon



    Not only is it a tuner (best app tuner I've used personally) but it also has a metronome, games, chords, and a plethora of instruments to choose from and it's SUPER easy to navigate. I love it! Thanks for making an awesome app. From one musician to another, THANKS!!

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    Very reliable tuner

    theNewPaul, 02/08/2020


    This is a great app! Very easy to use and very reliable, if you are just starting out, you can take a big worry off your mind, by getting in tune quickly and easily with this app. Highly recommended!

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    Easier than I had imagined!

    Teri O'


    I’ve never played an instrument but recently took an ukulele lesson. The teacher suggested this app and WOW! Not only did it solve my tuning problem but I can actually play a couple of easy songs already! It has thousands to choose from, which was fun to peruse, and the songs come as originally written or in ‘easy’ mode, which is a huge confidence builder. The songs scroll as you play - or not, your choice.


Get in tune and play your favorite songs with the #1 tuner app

Download the GuitarTuna app to access the pro-quality song library of chords and lyrics. Now on iOS and Android. Start for free.

GuitarTuna app features

  • Metronome Metronome With tap-for-tempo and multiple time signatures.
  • Chord games Chord games Plus chord library, trainers, and more.
  • Chromatic tuner Chromatic tuner With alternative and custom tunings, and manual mode to tune by ear.
  • 15 instruments 15 instruments Tuning for stringed instruments including ukulele, bass, banjo, and more.

How to tune your ukulele

Follow these easy steps for beginners
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    1 Start in standard Download GuitarTuna to your phone, select Standard tuning (G, C, E, A) if it’s your first time playing or the popular slack key found in traditional Hawaiian music (G, C, E, G).
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    2 Pluck a string Start tuning your ukulele by playing any string with the right tension — not too heavy, not too light. GuitarTuna will listen to your pitch with its built in microphone.
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    3 Adjust your tune Turn the tuning pegs on the headstock of your ukulele. You’ll hear the pitch get higher or lower as tension is applied or removed. Turn until the app shows you you’re in perfect tune!

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