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Learning to play guitar — or any other instrument, for that matter — is easier than ever thanks to the internet and all the educational resources it has to offer for aspiring musicians. Online lessons have made face-to-face tutoring less of a requirement if you want to learn how to play the guitar. On top of that, the ease of online learning makes it possible to learn at your own pace regardless of time and place. Yousician’s online guitar lessons are perfect not only for beginner players but also for intermediate and advanced learners.

Best online guitar lessons for all skill levels

Are you a beginner still getting started with playing guitar? Or perhaps you’ve already earned your chops to advance to the intermediate level. Even if you’re a more advanced player, you can easily find the right online guitar lessons just for you. And if just playing along to your favorite tunes on an acoustic or electric guitar is your thing, there’s something for you as well. Yousician’s online guitar lessons and interactive gameplay are perfect for all guitar players regardless of their skill level.

Online guitar lessons for beginners

Beginner guitar lessons start from the very basics of playing the guitar. As a beginner, you’ll first learn:

Lessons for intermediate players

Once you’ve passed the beginner level, you can start practicing more difficult techniques, such as barre chords, and begin playing a wider variety of songs. Intermediate guitar players can also start adding more nuance to their playing with simple lead guitar and soloing techniques (for example, hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, and bends).

Learning guitar with online lessons as a pro

One good thing about playing any instrument is that you’re unlikely to ever reach a point when there isn’t anything more to learn. Even if you can handle all the different guitar-playing techniques with your eyes closed or recite advanced music theory in your sleep, you can always learn more songs to play.

Learning music theory

For many, studying music theory is one of the most boring parts of learning an instrument. Although you can still get far not knowing how to read notes or understanding that much about music theory, getting the hang of at least the basics is always a good idea. Intermediate and advanced players in particular can get more out of learning guitar online if they have the basic knowledge of scales and different playing techniques, for instance.

Yousician’s Knowledge theme helps you expand your playing with theory about the musical alphabet, guitar fretboard, keys, octaves, and more. More advanced guitar players can even change the style of notation from simple guitar tabs to standard notation.

Do free online guitar lessons work?

There are many free online guitar lessons available, and they can be a good entry point to get you started. However, free online video lessons are often littered with ads and other promotional material trying to sell you this and that. These things may get in the way of doing what actually matters: playing and learning guitar. Free resources can also be limited to just the basics, and you’re forced to pay if you want to proceed any further and learn more.

Another downside of free online guitar lessons is that they tend to lack the interactive elements of other, more advanced alternatives. With Yousician, you get access to our impressive library of online guitar lessons as well as our interactive guitar-learning technology that listens to you play and gives you feedback. When trying to play along to a simple video guitar lesson, you’re missing out on the interactive elements and feedback. Knowing what you’re doing right and where there’s still room for improvement makes your learning more effective, as you can focus on certain areas of your playing.

Play guitar with interactive online lessons

Yousician’s interactive guitar lessons and gameplay are a motivating way to learn; earn points, advance through various lessons, and level up your guitar skills. What’s great about Yousician is that you can try Yousician Premium+ for free before committing to anything. You’ll get unlimited access to lessons not just for the guitar but for bass, ukulele, piano, and singing as well!

The impressively extensive song library lets you play along to your favorite songs across genres. If a song feels too difficult at first, try a simplified version or slow down the song until you nail every note and chord. Try Yousician for free and get started learning with the best online guitar lessons. You can download the Yousician desktop app on your computer or get the mobile guitar-learning app for your Android or iOS mobile device.

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