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Posted on October 26, 2023

The ukulele is an accessible instrument to pick up and start learning. Although you can pick up the basics of ukulele playing quite easily, mastering the ukulele (just like any other instrument) isn’t that simple. That’s why many budding musicians turn to ukulele lessons to improve their skills. But which type of lessons should you go for?

Private ukulele lessons with a teacher are one option, but the internet has made it possible to start learning by yourself from the comfort of your home. Here’s what to consider when deciding what kind of learning and lesson format work best for you.

Should I Learn Ukulele with Online Lessons or In-Person Tutoring?

When choosing how to learn the ukulele, the options can be overwhelming. From in-person lessons to online courses, finding the best fit for your learning style and preferences requires some consideration. And what about free lessons on the internet? Let’s explore your options for mastering the ukulele.

Private Lessons with Ukulele Teachers

For a long time, in-person tutoring with a teacher was the norm for learning the ukulele. Thanks to the internet, there are now many other options to choose from. Still, many students, especially beginners, start out with private lessons. However, not everyone can or needs to use private tutoring to play ukulele.

Most notably, the issue with in-person classes is accessibility. Only some people can find a suitable teacher or the time to attend courses. In particular, adults with a tight schedule can struggle to fit ukulele lessons into their day. The price of a single ukulele lesson can also make them less accessible for many. Thankfully, you can learn to play the four strings online when it suits you the best.

Online Lessons with a Ukulele App

With the right music-learning technology, learning how to play ukulele is fun and easy. Real-time feedback makes it rewarding to play your favorite tunes on the ukulele. You always know if you’re strumming the right chords and keeping a steady rhythm.

Another benefit of online lessons is convenience. Unlike with a human teacher, you can learn whenever and wherever you want. Just open your smartphone, tablet, or computer, and you have instant access to a world of lessons and material to practice with. And if you don’t feel like learning the technical stuff, you can always have fun playing along to your favorite songs.

Yousician’s online ukulele lessons are a motivating and effective way to learn ukulele, regardless of age or skill level. Yousician’s interactive gameplay and clear feedback help both kids and adults learn. Are you a beginner or a more advanced player? It doesn’t matter; there are always more songs to learn and techniques to master.

If you feel you’ve mastered the ukulele already, you can choose another instrument with a Yousician Premium+ subscription. And with a Yousician Family plan, up to four family members can enjoy learning together, practicing strumming patterns, chord changes, and other ukulele tricks.

Do Free Online Ukulele Lessons Work?

Another great thing about the internet is that there’s plenty of free, beginner-friendly ukulele content to learn and practice with. While free online ukulele lessons and tutorials are tempting, they come with limitations. Free online tutorials often come with ads that distract you from learning, or they present you with a paywall just as things start to get interesting.

With the right instruction, you can pick up some uke basics for free, such as ukulele tuning, beginner chords, and how to read music with tabs or simple chord diagrams. However, with free online ukulele lessons, there’s no interactive element to listen to you play and give feedback. Paid online lessons and tutorials come with content and gameplay designed by professional ukulele teachers.

Try Yousician’s online uke lessons with a free trial. Unlock a song library full of your favorite tunes as well as a wide variety of challenges and tutorials to teach you ukulele tricks, such as how to use your left hand, strum, play melodies, and read music using tabs and chords. Access lessons for guitar, bass, piano, and singing with a single Yousician Premium+ subscription.

Best Online Ukulele Lessons for All Skill Levels

We think music education and the joy of playing should be accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a beginner plucking your first strings or an experienced player looking to fine-tune your skills, Yousician’s online ukulele lessons can help you on your uke-playing journey.

Introductory Lessons for Beginners

Yousician’s beginner lessons start from scratch, ensuring that every budding musician new to the world of ukulele builds a strong foundation before moving on to the more tricky stuff. With Yousician, you’ll learn:

  • The anatomy of the ukulele and its most important parts
  • How to hold a ukulele comfortably
  • How to tune a ukulele correctly using the app’s built-in tuner
  • The most basic ukulele chords and chord shapes. Once you know these, you’re all set to play countless songs!
  • How to read ukulele tablature and chord charts. With the combination of tabs and chord diagrams, you can strum along to songs and play melodies.
  • Simple strumming techniques to add rhythm to your playing

Ukulele Lessons for Intermediate and Experienced Players

For those who have strummed through the beginner stage, it’s time to level up your ukulele know-how. Intermediate ukulele players can try learning more complex lead techniques and fingerpicking. Expand your repertoire of chords with barre chords, and use them in real songs. Practice your fingerpicking skills to add some nuance and flair to your uke-playing. You’ll learn more chords, ukulele techniques, and songs to play as you advance through the lessons.

Learning Music Theory with Online Lessons

While music theory might sound daunting to many beginners (and even skilled players), delving into the basics can greatly enrich your playing. Yousician’s interactive music-teaching gameplay helps you begin learning the ins and outs of music theory.

Before delving deeper into the theory of ukulele, be sure you can get your ukulele in tune and navigate your instrument with ease. You can even change between different notation styles, ranging from simple tabs to standard notation. Choose the one that suits your playing style and skill level. We encourage uke beginners to start with simpler tabs before diving into sheet music and standard notation. Beginner-friendly color-coding makes reading the notes much easier as you go through Yousician’s ukulele lessons.

Is music theory not your thing? Don’t worry, you can focus on learning more ukulele songs to improve your playing and have fun!

How an Online Ukulele Lesson Teaches You to Play

Online ukulele lessons are unrivaled in their flexibility and ease of access. All you need is your ukulele and a device with a built-in microphone so that Yousician can hear you play. If you have an acoustic or electric ukulele with a pickup, you can connect the instrument to your device for the best recognition. You also need an audio interface between the instrument and the device.

As you play, the ukulele app gives feedback on your timing as well as the notes and chords you play. With Yousician’s advanced ukulele tuner, you can also make sure that your uke is always in tune.

Learn and Play Ukulele with Yousician

Yousician is your personal ukulele teacher. With interactive online ukulele lessons that motivate and inspire as you learn, you can master the ukulele at your own pace using your computer or mobile device. Download Yousician on your computer and Android or iOS mobile device to get started with your first online ukulele lesson!

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