Yousician for Teachers
Yousician is committed to providing a remote learning solution for teachers.


What is Yousician For Teachers?

Yousician is committed to providing a remote learning solution for teachers.

Yousician is providing FREE premium subscription access to music teachers for the remainder of the school year.

With millions of users, Yousician is the largest and fastest-growing music education company in the world.  Yousician is the #1 platform to learn how to play a musical instrument and its sister product GuitarTuna is the #1 guitar tuning app.

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How It Works

1. Music teachers fill out the form

2. Yousician verifies teachers and sends codes to access FREE Premium subscription

3. Teachers share unique codes with each student’s parents

4. Teachers and parents download Yousician, create an account, enter code and get started!



Fill out the form below to get started. Yousician will get back to you within 24 hours with the next steps.

By clicking the submit button and using our service, you agree with our Terms of Service, Supplemental Yousician for Teachers Terms and Privacy Notice that details what personal data we collect and use to provide you with the best learning experience.

What You Need

Yousician provides interactive learning for guitar, bass, ukulele, piano and voice. Use the app on any phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

– Guitar, ukulele and bass will require instruments at home

– Piano has an on-screen keyboard option when a piano or keyboard is not available at home 

– Voice needs no special equipment



The free Yousician for Teachers access will automatically terminate 3 months after activation. Users will be able to pay for and continue using Yousician Premium after that date.

Yousician has not been designed as an online educational service for use in official school activities and may not satisfy the regulatory requirements for online educational services in your jurisdiction. Teachers are responsible for ensuring that their use of Yousician complies with the requirements of their jurisdiction.

Check out our instructional videos that cover everything you need to get started