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The new Yousician Guitar syllabus is now available

Posted on February 22, 2021

We’ve just rolled out an updated guitar syllabus to help you achieve your 2021 goals! The updated look-and-feel makes it easier to learn the skills you’re interested in, and we improved the early lessons for a smoother learning curve. If you’ve already played some missions, don’t worry — all your existing progress is saved, and your favorite content is still there. Let’s have a look…


Streamlined Syllabus

New to guitar and not sure where to start? Fear not: With the updated syllabus, you’ll be guided along a single, easy-to-follow learning path that incorporates all the skills you need to be a well-rounded guitarist. Each Mission will have its own Theme (e.g. chords, riffs, fingerpicking, etc.), so you can quickly identify your favorite topics. It may look more streamlined than before, but it’s even more comprehensive, and there’s more to come…

Streamlined Syllabus

Unlocked Missions

All the missions are now unlocked, so you can skip around and focus on specific skills. No more getting stuck on a single mission — you can now move to a different one, give your brain a chance to reset, then come back to the first one when you’re ready!

Unlocked Missions

Interactive Lessons

We’ve added more interactive lessons, so you’re playing and learning at the same time. For example, if you’re learning a new skill your lesson might include a video, then a self-paced exercise, and finish with a short song – all in one lesson bundle. It’s a really fun and practical way to learn.

Interactive Lessons


We’ve added a new view that simply shows you the notes you need to play. No scrolling or time pressure — just play each note when you’re ready. It’s a great way to build new skills.


What happened to the paths?

The different branches in the learning paths are now merged into a single, theme-based one. The missions are tagged with a theme, rather than being organized into paths.

The theme-based learning path gives clearer guidance about the skills needed to become a well-rounded musician. If you want to, you can complete all the missions within a level but also have more flexibility to focus on your interests.

Updated Beginner Levels

Level 0

In Level 0 (Basics), you’ll experience a smoother learning curve, with more popular licensed content that you know and love to get you excited to learn.

Previously we found that beginners struggled with switching strings, so you’ll spend more time building that skill during Mission One while playing at your own pace. In Mission Two we’ll work on switching strings, as well as other core skills like switching fingers, and using practice mode to learn songs — again, all at your own pace for a smooth learning curve.

Level 0

Level 1

In Level 1, we’ve added all new interactive lessons at the start of each mission, featuring improved videos and exercises for a more self-paced introduction to the relevant skills. You’ll also continue to see more popular songs at this level.

Level 1 introduces the Chords mission, which has been completely overhauled with an improved self-paced approach to learning and practicing each chord.

Level 1

Looking Ahead

New educational improvements to the existing syllabus will continue to roll out, focusing on improved learning methods, a smoother difficulty curve, improved content and more popular licensed songs.

You can find more detailed information on the changes by checking this FAQ on our Help Center.

Thoughts on the new changes, or questions for our Yousician team? Get in touch with us by visiting our Help Center at support.yousician.com.

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