New Song: Everybody Wants To Rule The World for Ukulele, Guitar and more

Posted on March 4, 2019

Everybody Wants To Rule The World has now been made available in Yousician for Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Bass, and Voice. Ready to dig into this super-catchy and surprisingly intricate 80’s classic made famous by Tears For Fears?

Everybody Wants To Rule The World for Guitar
by: James Neilson, Music Education Designer for Guitar

This song has a great groove – it uses what’s called a ‘triplet’ rhythm, which has a nice bounce to it. Try counting “trip-a-let trip-a-let” over and over along with the song to get the feel. It’s pretty fast to count, but it’s worth the effort to get such a useful rhythm into your ears and under your fingers.

In the melody exercise (level 4), you’ll play the super-catchy vocal melody and some of the guitar melodies in the instrumental sections. It’s all in one playing position which is nice and easy, but watch out for the tricky rhythms and string skipping! Warning – the tune will be stuck in your head all day!

In the cowboy chords exercise (level 4), you’ll play along using nice and familiar cowboy chords. There’s quite a bit of ‘syncopation’ (strong up-strums), so pay careful attention to the rhythm. It’s designed to use a capo on fret 2, but if you don’t have one Yousician can ‘transpose’ the song so you can play along as normal without the capo.

In the full rhythm exercise (level 7), you’ll play the rhythm guitar parts as originally played. There’s quite a lot to chew on: quick repeating high parts, some unusual chord shapes, and tricky rhythms. On first listen, it may sound like a simple pop song, but there’s really a lot going on!

In the full rhythm & lead exercise (level 9), you get all the challenge of the rhythm exercise, plus some surprisingly tricky lead parts. Watch out in particular for the fast double-stop sections – you’ll need to really slow it down and memorize the chunks to get it up to speed.

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