Introducing Premium+ Family Memberships

Posted on June 18, 2021

Share the gift of music with family!

You can now invite your family to join in on the fun of learning music with the Yousician Premium+ Family membership. Premium+ Family is our most value-packed Yousician membership that comes with all the benefits of Premium+ and then some for just one price!

With Premium+ Family, you get:

Individual accounts

4 Premium+ accounts under one membership. With full Premium+ benefits for all.

Personal progress tracking

Every family member can track their own progress individually. Compare your progress and learn together.

If you or a family member already have a Yousician membership, you’ll keep your progress on your individual account, including your favorites and song collections.

All the benefits of Premium+

Unlimited lesson time, access to all 5 instruments, and access to 10,000+ lessons & popular songs.



Upgrade to Premium+ Family today and get the whole family playing!

Questions about the membership? Head to our support page for answers to our most frequently asked questions, or contact our support team.

Need some help getting your family started? Head to our YouTube channel for dozens of helpful tutorials!

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