Learn to Sing with the Help of a Singing App

Posted on August 6, 2022

Have you always wanted to learn how to sing? Maybe you’re one of those hidden talents who only allow their voice to shine when singing in the shower? Either way, singing is one of the most accessible forms of musicality: All you need is your own voice, and you’re good to start practicing. However, this doesn’t make singing any easier than playing some other instrument, such as guitar or piano.
Singers will often face many of the same challenges as aspiring pianists and guitar players. Finding the motivation to learn is one thing, as is learning the correct ways to warm up before each practice session, and much more. In-person singing lessons by a skilled and trained singing coach are a great way to learn but not something that many can afford or want to spend their money on.
Fortunately, there are alternative ways to learn singing. One of them is adopting a handy singing app as a part of your practicing routine. So, why are singing apps such a great way to learn? Let’s have a look and start singing.

Can singing apps teach me how to sing?

So, are singing apps a good way to learn? Well, it depends on the app you’re using. There are some features that are crucial for a singing app so that you’ll learn the right techniques and look forward to your regular singing practice sessions. The app should also help you track your progress as you improve lesson by lesson. These aspects and many more affect whether a singing app is worth your time and effort.

Interactive singing lessons and real-time feedback

Pre-recorded singing lessons and YouTube videos are one way to learn, but they don’t offer much on top of the actual videos. In other words, they lack the interactive element you would get in a live singing lesson. A good singing app is also interactive by providing you with real-time feedback. This is possible thanks to the app’s advanced sound recognition. How else would you know that you’re singing in tune and hitting the right notes?

For example, Yousician’s advanced voice recognition technology uses your device’s microphone or an external mic to listen to your singing. Based on this, the app shows if your timing and pitch are correct. You’ll never be in doubt whether or not your singing is spot on.

Song and exercise library

Doing just vocal drills on repeat will start to feel stale after a while. That’s why you need an extensive library of fun and famous songs to sing. What would be a more fun and motivating way to learn than by singing some of your favorite songs? Yousician’s song library has hundreds of popular songs to learn as a singer. There are songs for different skill levels, so you can learn singing whether you’re just starting your singing career or have already found your voice.

Singing lessons by real music teachers

Music lessons and instructions created by a professional vocal coach are crucial for motivating you as you learn to sing. With Yousician, you’ll be learning along with music teachers who are both skilled at their instrument and passionate about music as well as teaching. Get to know some of our music instructors here.

Device support

Singing apps aren’t necessarily just for mobile devices. Having wide support for different devices allows you to practice singing just the way you like. Yousician is available for both mobile devices and computers. Whether you have an iOS or Android device, a desktop computer, or a laptop, you can learn to sing with Yousician. When the app supports both mobile devices and computers, you can more easily practice singing at your own convenience.


Singing apps shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why the app should allow its user to customize the app to fit their needs and voice. By transposing songs, you can learn to sing songs even if they’re outside of your own vocal range.

By transposing songs, you can make adjustments to the key of the song you want to learn. Don’t force and strain your voice to sing outside of your range, as you may end up hurting your voice. On top of that, it probably won’t sound that great. Male singers in particular may find this handy if a song has many high notes that are outside of their vocal range. One of Yousician’s useful features is the ability to calibrate the app with your vocal range.

Additional features

There are many handy features that can make learning a song much easier. If you’re having trouble keeping up with the song, try slowing it down. A metronome is another useful tool for staying in pace. For practicing those difficult parts that you just can’t nail down, you can also loop certain parts of a song. Repeat the hard parts until you get the hang of it.

Other instruments

The most important features of a great app for singing include plenty of vocal exercises, warm-ups for your voice, a large library of songs, and other features that help along your vocal journey. However, it doesn’t have to end there. Great singing apps support other instruments as well, such as guitar, bass, ukulele, and piano.

Learn to sing your favorite songs

To have you coming back to your vocal lessons, the app should also have plenty of songs to learn. If possible, these should be popular songs that you know and love. An extensive song library includes many different genres ranging from pop to heavy metal and country to funk. The versatility of the app’s song library also has something for every skill level, not just easy songs for complete beginners or virtuoso-level tunes for professionals.
Check out the songs library for all songs you can learn to sing with Yousician. Browse songs by genre, such as pop, rock and folk, or see which songs you can sing. New songs are added regularly, so stay tuned for more.

Singing app vs. in-person singing lessons

When learning to sing or play a new instrument, the traditional approach has been to take in-person music lessons. Singing lessons with a vocal coach of your own are a great way to learn but not the ideal choice for everyone. One of the biggest downsides of singing lessons with a teacher is their price. Even if you can afford to hire an instructor who is both a skilled singer and a motivating teacher, not everyone is willing to put down the amount of money that music teachers charge.
Finding the right music teacher for you is another thing. Many who have taken singing lessons in their childhood can tell you that the wrong teacher can suck all the fun out of the learning process. A singing app on the other hand often comes with a much smaller monthly subscription fee that allows you to practice singing as much as you want. Most apps also come with a free trial or a more basic version you can use for free.

With the help of an app, you can also learn at your own convenience, whenever and wherever you want. There’s no need to take the effort to go to a classroom for your singing practice or follow a tight schedule to fit the lessons into your day. With the help of a good app, you can forget all the unnecessary hassle having to do with in-person singing lessons.
If you still want to use private lessons to learn singing, that doesn’t mean that using an app is out of the question. These two methods of learning can supplement each other and be used together to learn how to sing.

Can I learn with YouTube videos?

As a second alternative to singing lessons, many turn to YouTube videos that can teach you how to sing. Here the amount of content is both a blessing and a curse. With thousands of videos, if not more, it’s hard to find the ones that are best for you. Ads, whether played before the videos or included in the videos themselves, are another distraction that make the process of learning more difficult. You should also remember that basically everyone can upload their own videos on YouTube, and the quality of the videos reflect that.
The best singing apps include content created by professional and skilled vocal teachers that know the ins and outs of both singing and teaching. With a clear learning path, you’ll be learning the right things in the right order, starting with the basics of singing and moving towards the more advanced stuff.

Do I need a microphone to use a singing app?

Most singing apps allow you to use the built-in microphone of your device. However, the best singing apps also let you use an external microphone. This way you can improve the sound quality and make singing all the more fun. The app will also be able to pick up the sound of your voice easier when using an external microphone. And you don’t even have to own a professional microphone; a headset with a built-in mic works as well. Just make sure that the singing app you’re using has access to the microphone.

Learn to sing with Yousician

Sign up to Yousician and warm up your vocal cords. Yousician is more than just a karaoke app and instead actually teaches you how to sing. Choose Yousician as your personal vocal coach and start singing. Yousician’s extensive library of vocal exercises and hundreds of songs to choose from make it one of the best singing apps on the market. Improve your vocal skills and do warm-up exercises before each singing session, and you’ll see yourself improving and nailing even the most difficult of notes.
If you want to learn more than just to sing, you can get Yousician Premium+ to unlock all the instruments Yousician has to offer: guitar, ukulele, bass, and piano. If you’re a singing teacher yourself, read more about Yousician for teachers to make Yousician a part of your teaching.
Make sure to also read our guide for some great tips for improving your singing, including breathing exercises.

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