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CmMaj7 chord guitar
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Alternative names

C Minor Major Seventh, C Minor Major 7th, CmMaj7


1, b3, 5, 7

Where should I start?

As you can see above, there are lots of different chords you can learn! The good news is that if you learn just a handful of the most common ones you can play most popular songs. These are often called "cowboy chords" – they're the chords everyone needs to know when jamming around a campfire. Download our cheat sheet.


If you're a more experienced player, you can try learning whichever chords you need from the above library. While it's interesting to simply choose new chords and learn them, the best approach is to learn chords you need when you come across them in songs. For example, learning E7#9 is handy, but you'll learn it better if it's in a song you're playing (Jimi Hendrix is available on Yousician).

How should I practice?

It can be tough learning chords: finding the ones you really need, getting your fingers to cooperate, memorizing them, building speed, and being able to play them in songs. Luckily, the interactive guitar-learning app Yousician is an excellent way to do this. It has teacher-crafted lessons to help you learn new chords at your own pace, gives you awesome popular songs that are right at your ability level, helps you build skills with mini-game chord workouts, and more.


Once you've learned your basic cowboy chords, Yousician can help you tackle the much longer list of harder chords that comes next. From all the chords with imposing fancy names like A7sus4 to all the hand-cramping barre shapes, Yousician can help you learn and master them in bite-size chunks so you don't get overwhelmed.

Extend your learning

Once you have learned how to play a few simple chords on your own, you can take those learnings further by playing on the Yousician App where you will play mini games, learn to play popular songs and take teacher-crafted lessons.